Love Online


Love Online is an intimate photo story exploring queer sexuality, self reflection, and the internet. The photos were taken in the bed that my partner Tara Trifkovic (who is the model in the photos) and I share. This adds a deep level of intimacy to this erotic photoset, making our private world public.

There is a large amount of erotic art depicting queer women that is made with a very "straight" lens or intended for the consumption of a "straight" audience. Love Online depicts a queer woman and was made by a queer woman for the enjoyment of other queer women. The photos celebrate self love, self appreciation, and masturbation, while existing in this world where the ideas of women masturbating and the female orgasm were seen as taboo less than one hundred years ago.

As digital images they exist online and due to their erotic nature they can be considered pornographic by some standards, but while most porn on the internet exploits and objectifies women (and is usually made by men) this photoset is ethereal, playful, vulnerable, and made with love. When I think of what the color pink symbolizes to me, intimacy, feminism, eroticism, and self-love are the first things that come to mind and this photo story is entrenched in all of those themes.


Besos y Abrazos ,




Julissa Yasmeen Ramirez is an artist based in Chicago and has also had work featured in Pink Things Vol. III.