Introducing Pink Things Intern: Malaika Astorga



Hi! I’m Malaika (AKA Flloral), a 19-year-old illustrator based out of Montreal, Canada. I’m currently in my third year of attending Concordia University for Communications studies, with a focus on Intermedia. I also run Flloral, a silk-screening company that provides tee shirts for bands, businesses, and record labels. My personal work involves a lot of intersectional feminist values, often touching on topics that affect me as a femme-identifying mixed-race person of colour — things I don’t see addressed in mainstream white feminism.

I’m so SO excited to be working for Pink Things because I believe that it holds the same values that I do — intersectional feminism and providing accessible support for artists of all kinds. That, and the fact that everything in my real life is pink, including my hair.


You can follow me here:

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