So... Pink Things Mag. I got feedback over 3 months ago that I needed a better about page, and I’ve put it off this long because I think I didn’t really want to limit its description, or describe it poorly, or scare away readers because I put too much of myself into it. But that’s just the thing. I view Pink Things as an extension of my fine art practice. It’s a valuable tool giving insight into how others interpret the color pink. It’s a magazine. It’s a curated instagram feed. It’s a passion project. It’s a platform giving a voice to emerging artists. It’s a place to share related content. It’s an online gallery. It’s a community of artists, writers, and people who feel passionately about the color pink.

To be honest, maybe I don’t know what Pink Things is yet. But I do know what it’s about: Pink (omg wouldn’t it be hilarious if the about page just said “pink.” Literally laughing out loud right now). It’s so young, and I’m trying to let others help shape its destiny. Because I don’t want Pink Things to just be a part of my fine art practice. I want it to be something much more, and it’s definitely on it’s way there.

So I should thank you for taking part in this currently undefinable passion project of mine. Thank you for supporting it. Thank you for sharing your work with me. Thank you for allowing me to put your words, work, and wisdom into the world.

So right now, maybe Pink Things Mag is just defined as a place for the color pink, and its future is tbd.

ALSO, I always want your feedback. Have an idea or suggestion? Send it my way through the form on our contact page. Everyone knows that projects like Pink Things are always better as a collaboration.

Also, maybe I should be asking you! What is Pink Things about? Send me your response to our email or DM us on Instagram and I’ll upload it to our About page.


Xoxo Sarah

PS: How many P’s do you think are in this post?



Pink Things is a proud member of The Creative Zine Coalition (CZC), a non-profit philanthropic community of independent zines + publications dedicated to using art as a tool for activism.

About the Editor

Sarah is a fine artist examining her world through a pink lens. She works with multiple mediums, like fibers, photography, and drawing, usually cumulating in a colorful installation that she has to have complete control over because as a Virgo, she is naturally a control freak. She is a member of the collaborative group, 4 grrrls and she really misses her Milwaukee babes. Also, her spirit animal is a goth princess and she is, unfortunately, gluten free. This really sucks because her favorite food is Mac n Cheese. Want to know more? You can follow her on Instagram or check out her personal work at www.sarahsickles.com <3

Also, she did write this, because “professional looking” people always write their abouts in the 3rd person for some reason.