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This week has been fucking stupid. From the dumb ass at Google to the irresponsible nuclear war threats being issued by our incompetent president, this week was full of disappointing executives. But I do have some positive and uplifting reads for you this week, 15 of them to be exact. I just spent like 5 hours last night catching up on all of the reading from this past week, and it turned out to be really fruitful. This is one of my favorite parts of Pink Things, even though it's one of the least viewed aspects of the site. I just really love reading and then giving recommendations on what to read, reflecting on them and sharing them with others. As my mom and sister are likely to point out in any conversation, I start 90% of my sentences with, "I was reading this article..." 

So check out these amazing pieces below, my personal favorites being the locker room essay for Lenny Letter and Kesha's essay for her newly released Rainbow, but I truly love them all. And if you have any additional good vibes to send my way this week, they would be so appreciated as I'm up for a really great job! 

Until next week! 

xo Sarah


"Period Activist Cass Clemmer Responds To Hate After Posting Period Photo" by Brittney McNamara forTeen Vogue I remember seeing this photo last week and being amazed at how brave Cass is. They are speaking up, even in a sea of hateful messages, for equality and awareness surrounding menstrual health. Teen Vogue interviewed them about the impact the photo has had on Cass, and if it might be making a difference. 


"Most Women You Know Are Angry — And That's All Right" by Laurie Penny for Teen Vogue - YESSS LAURIE! This is amazing. Women are frequently told to sit down and shut up, that if we're emotional we're unattractive, that we'll never get a man with that attitude. But dammit the world is rigged against us and I'M MAD. And that's okay. I SHOULD be mad. Like Laurie says, Why aren't you?


"The Future of Queer Women’s Representation? Look for the YA Section" by Julie Carpenter for Vogue I've noticed this a lot lately, that everything around us is so heteronormative. Take, for instance, shows like Dancing With The Stars. They are always coupled with a man and a woman, with dances often representing or telling a story about romance (not always the case). Same with Young Adult novels. They almost always have a tale between a boy and girl, heteronormative. There are queer teens though! And adults! I'm a sucker for YA fiction. And I just read Rainbow Rowell's books and love how seamlessly she creates storylines for queer characters. They aren't about coming out, they have plots that don't revolve around the character's sexuality, it's just a detail, and shows that queer teens exist, even in fiction. 


"How I Overcame My Anger as a Black Writer Online" by Morgan Jerkins for Lenny Letter - I really enjoyed reading this piece by Morgan Jerkins, a writer who has really come into her talent in the last few years. It reminded me of last week's recommended article about radical Black self-care. Writing is an emotionally and physically grueling process. It was wonderful to read about Morgan's process, and how she is now taking care of herself and learning to say no to assignments when it all becomes too much. 


"With Love, From the Naked Ladies in Goggles" by Susannah Meadows for Lenny Letter I'm basically crying as I write this, because I have experienced the locker room as a sacred space, and this tale about a community of women supporting each other through their daily morning nakedness and lap swimming hits so close to home. It's something I miss, a community of support that you didn't necessairly choose, but is there. It was a beautiful and loving piece, I highly recommend reading if you're feeling blue. 


"Feminism Doesn't Mean Liking Every Stupid Woman You Meet" by Jennifer Wright for Harpers Bazaar - True. 


"Why Women Bully Each Other At Work" by Olga Khazan for The Atlantic This long ass read is SO IMPORTANT. At its core, this article is an investigation into how women behave at work, and sites some surprising research that shows just how sexist women (in general, there are obviously exceptions to everything) are about other women. It ends on a rallying cry, stating that we all have to step up and do better — that working together, not alone, will create the change we need in the workplace. 


"'Empowering' My Ass" by Gaby Del Valle for The Outline - I love this article calling out brands for "Empowertising". It's best summed up in the closing sentence, "There’s nothing wrong with wearing lipstick or buying a Kardashian-branded bodysuit because it makes you feel good — but there is nothing revolutionary about it, either." 


"Kesha: "What's Left Of My Heart Is Fucking Pure Gold & No One Can Touch That" by Kesha for Refinery29 Kesha's Rainbow album dropped yesterday and she wrote this emotional essay about how it came to be, starting years ago when she was in rehab for her eating disorder and music was the only thing that got her though. She credits this album with saving her life, and is thrilled to be surrounded by color. If you read one thing this week, let it be this. 


"Freelance Achievement Stickers" by Jeremy Nguyen for The New Yorker - Because as a part-time freelancer I really appreciate this and it gave me a good laugh. Plus, they're cute!


"Meet Shoog McDaniel, the Photographer Pushing the Boundaries of Queer, Fat-Positive PhotographyMeet Shoog McDaniel, the Photographer Pushing the Boundaries of Queer, Fat-Positive Photography" by Sandra Song for Teen Vogue I love seeing creative photographs of fat bodies. Absolutely love it. And these are stunning! Also, this quote really resonated with me: "Our bodies are vast and beautiful and like an ocean, they're filled with diversity."


"Meet The Professor Who Says Sex In A Blackout Isn't Always Rape" by Katie J.M. Baker for Buzzfeed - This piece is difficult. I don't really know how I feel about it. It's definitely a thought provoking introduction to the woman who has done numerous studies on the effects of alcohol on young minds, but also the woman who aided Brock Turner in his case last year. Gahh. I don't even know.


"Chelsea Manning Changed the Course of History. Now She’s Focusing on Herself" by Nathan Heller for Vogue - Chelsea Manning is one of the bravest people walking this Earth, I truly believe that. Regardless on your opinion on her debated treason, the courage it took Chelsea to transition while in prison, and emerge a new, and stronger, woman, is undeniable. Congratulations to Chelsea on her new debut, and Vogue is awesome for writing up this piece on her. 


"Fashion For The 67 Percent" by Ashley C. Ford for The Cut YAASSS. I'm a size 14-16 and I've been outsized at every retailer in my area. My only hope? Online shopping, but even then it's difficult. This is a great piece on how the fashion industry is going to have to expand for the market that exists. 67 Percent of women are a size 14 or above. Take that.


"'I need more time': Weighing the Option of Egg Freezing" by Emily Smith for Catapult - I have zero interest in having children ever. But this piece came up in Anne Friedman's weekly newsletter and I was intrigued, as I am with any reproductive health topic. This was a beautiful personal essay of a single woman who needs more time because she doesn't know if she wants to have children, so she's going through the process of freezing her eggs while reflecting on the decisions that have led to this event. It's a great read and I hope she has as many options as possible in the event that she does decide that she wants kids. 


Whew! That was a lot, sorry about that. I've been reading a lot to distract me from my impending move and the stress that comes with it. If you want even more though, you can check out the archive here