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Oh how I have failed this week's readings! I only read three Pink Things related articles. I'm searching so hard for a place to live in NYC, and working my ass off doing freelance and working at CC. Sorry! But better late and less than never right? Maybe? 

Idk, I'm sorry there's so few this week. My reading list is like 50 tabs long. GAHH! 

xo Sarah


"Child Marriage In The U.S., Explained By A Former Child Bride" by Ashley Belanger for Teen Vogue It's soul crushing to think about the pain that these young and developing women endure in child marriages, regardless of if it's forced or not. The two women in this article speak from different experiences of being child brides, but their opinions are the same. There is never a good reason to marry before 18. Most who do are at a greater risk for everything that already disproportionately affects women, including poverty and mental illness.


"The Ivanka Trump Guarantee" by Lindy West for The New York Times Lindy West is up in here dropping some harsh truth bombs on everyone about the facade and empty promises of Ivanka Trump without a care and I am HERE. FOR. IT.


"Hillary Clinton Looks Back In Anger" by David Remnick for The New Yorker This piece, while long, and sometimes upsetting, is moving. I can't even imagine what it is like to be Hillary Clinton right now. There is nothing that could possibly make it better. Her loss to the least qualified candidate in history, when she had the most votes for any president in history, rips at my heart strings. It's a long read, but worth it. 


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