Pink Fluids



My emotions are atmospheres, full of mirrors of heart, drugs of glitter, cattanas, barbiturates, pink fluids, computers of swarovski, neon lights, and mist of nostalgia, each atmosphere is an emotion, emotions tinged and illuminated of pink, a transgressive pink, dangerous, brave, strong, empowered, brilliant, bizarre and vandal .

Because the pink is not corny. The pink is criminal.




Harakirina is a visual artist from Vigo, Spain. She uses the medium of photography to construct a unique and colorful world of her own. Being her own model, art director, and photographer, her work is a DIY expression of individuality. Most of Harakirina’s photographs are taken in her own bedroom, breaking the barrier of intimate space into a stained-glass display window universe of neon lights, sharp knives, crumbly eye-shadows, and Y2K metallic love.

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