Related Articles: August 26, 2017



This is the last Related Articles column that I will be writing and recommending to you as a 22 year old from my home in Iowa. This coming week I move to New York City — Brooklyn if you want to get specific — and I couldn't be more thrilled! I have over 20 tabs open for more articles to read, and I'm just going to have to print them out to read on the drive up — yes, I am driving there. So while this week's load is a little light, and there probably won't be a Related Articles column next week, I will be coming back at you strong in two weeks with a MEGA recommended reading. I will also be 23 and writing from my amazing apartment by Prospect Park. 

Check out these 10 writing pieces (the Oprah Vogue feature is my FAVE from this week. Oprah is just the best) and wish me luck on my move to the city! 

xo Sarah


"Motherhood Isn't Sacrifice, It's Selfishness" by Karen Rinaldi for The New York Times I'm not a mother, so I don't know anything about motherhood beyond what I have seen my own mother struggle and achieve with it. I'm sure that this essay will upset some, confirm others, and confuse a lot of us. There are definitely sacrifices that are made as one becomes a mother, but Karen Rinaldi's argument isn't about that. It's about the way systemic sexist oppression makes mothers martyrs. It's, for sure, an interesting read and something to think about. 


"Roxane Gay on Sexual Fantasies: “I Have a Great Many Thoughts About Channing Tatum” by Roxane Gay for InStyle - Roxane Gay is easily one of the best writers of our time. She's unapologetically honest and in this essay Roxane calls out all of the bullshit surrounding women's sexuality. She talks about her own fantasies, how lust differs from thirst, and how being thirsty is more than okay. "There should be little judgment when it comes to lust, however we choose to name it. When we thirst, all we are saying is that, like every living thing, we need water."


"Being Carefree, Black, & Beautiful Is an Effective Form of Protest in America" by Janet Mock for Allure Janet Mock is the other great writer of our time. She's such an amazing person with an amazing story and in this essay you can feel the weight her words carry, the emotions she put behind them, the hurt and self-preservation she is working on. Janet Mock is 100% correct when she says that oppressed communities need to take the time to love and take care of themselves before they can try to change the world. After the events of Charlottesville and Barcelona, Janet is taking a break from constantly checking social media to preserve herself, and I am so glad that she used her voice to share that. 


"Oprah Winfrey is on a Roll (Again)" by Jonathan Van Meter for VogueOprah is the most inspiring human being to exist on this planet. This article is not particularly related to pink. But I so thoroughly enjoyed reading it that I wanted to recommend it just the same. As a part of Vogue's 125th year September issue, Oprah is content, and she is someone we should all look up to and aspire to be like. 


"Your Life as a Middle Aged Stripper" by Antonia Crane for The Establishment Wow. This was powerful. Touching on ideas of beauty, the hustle, the sacrifices that she has made throughout her experiences as a stripper in her life, this personal essay is gut wrenching, but has a happy ending. 


"Grown Women, Please Don't Dress Like Toddlers" by Jennifer Wright for Racked - I am conflicted. I understand where she's coming from when writing this. But I also think that in these times, self-care and having fun are more important than ever. So I say, wear whatever the fuck you want, but don't stop fighting white supremacy and the patriarchy while you're at it. 


"Unpopular Opinion: I Am a Rape Victim, Not a Survivor" by Anonymous for xoJane - This is a really interesting viewpoint and argument against the normalization that "survivor" adds to rape culture. There's certainly nothing wrong with identifying as a survivor instead of a victim. But some are victims, and it's never okay to wash away their pain. 


"Black Women Aren't Here To Save You" by Bianca Xunise for The Nib - This short graphic essay nails it on how black women are expected to save us all, beginning with white people's well-meaning statements about how we should finally listen to black women. We need to do the work.


"On The Web, Respecting Women Is A Full-Time Job" by Brian Feldman for Select All This is a commentary on "woke baes" and how performative feminism online is actually really damaging. It checks out the height of the Respect Women meme's popularity three months ago, and questions its authenticity. 


"The New War On Birth Control" by Kathryn Joyce for Pacific Standard - Full disclosure: I haven't read this whole article yet. It's a long read and I haven't had the time. HOWEVER, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't take the time to sit down and educate yourself. This is SUPER important, and I can't wait to finish it. Birth Control is under attack in nations around the world, developed or not. It's an issue that everyone should care about.


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