Digital Art by Destiny Belgrave



Presently the color pink pops up in my art constantly. Whether it be photography, digital paintings, or even poetry, you can find the color pink throughout my body of work. The types of pinks that I use the most are often warmer in hue. I use those warm tones as a way to relay a fleshy feeling of warmth and lusciousness. By playing with that vaginal, flesh-like pink and mixing it with my sexual and intimate work, I aim to create a space in the piece that the viewer can get lost in and become submerged in the carnal and complex nature of the work.


Eve and Adam, 2016

This photo is from a two-part poetry piece that takes the biblical story and characters of Adam and Eve and turns their first interaction into a sexual and spiritual experience. The orange and accompanying cucumber are made into vaginal and phallic entities and the pink in the background which is reminiscent of the color inside of the vagina ties this sensual imagery all in.


If We Make Love, 2016

This digital painting depicts salmon and sausage as the metaphorical representations of a vagina and penis that are engaged in sexual intercourse. It places the act of sex in less of a romanticized place and introduces meaty, carnal connotations. The pinkish tones of the salmon and sausage are used to make them resemble vaginal and phallic pink flesh tones and enhance the overtly sensual tone of the piece.


Vitamin V, 2016

Vitamin V seeks to place the vagina, specifically the black vagina, in a place of central power and divinity. The pink in the background is simply meant to correlate with the pink tones in the three vaginas, but it’s a pale shade so as to not conflict and take away from the warmth and deep saturation of the main imagery.


From He, to She, to Me, 2016

This piece speaks on the divinity of the black woman, and the vagina. It intertwines spirituality and sexuality with an air holiness giving each entity displayed in the piece a divine anointing. This piece uses a very deep and warm pink to pull the viewer into an internal fleshy place.


Mother Fish, 2017

Mother Fish looks to correlate the position of motherhood with themes of sexuality. The main imagery in the piece is very warm and flesh like, the pink in the background carries that warm pink feeling but in a lighter shade so as to not compete and clash with the main imagery’s radiating warmth.




Destiny Belgrave is an art student at MICA and you can follow her using the links below: 

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