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Happy Saturday! Well it would be if there weren't nine known white supremacy celebrations happening around the USA right now. I don't even want to write about it. All I can say is that I wish we were better and I'm doing whatever I can to use my white privilege to educate other white people on the dangers of the white supremacy group think. And I truthfully don't feel like writing much at all this week. Life is overwhelming at this moment, personally and just in the world in general. Can we go one week without a terrorist attack? 

Anyway, if you haven't yet, meet the new Pink Things interns who will be helping me out a lot in the coming month and beyond! Malaika and Inês are super badass young women with ambition that matches my own. They are exactly the kind of people I want on my team and embody the Pink Things ethos entirely. Go give them a follow and then read these 9 important articles that I sourced for you this week. 

Wishing you a better weekend and lots of love,

xo Sarah

PS. lol about Steve Bannon. Fuck that guy.


"16 Feminist Quotes To Remind You To Ignore The Haters" by Deena Drewis for Girlboss - Because who couldn't use a little more uplifting in these shitty times? 


"We Went Inside Beauty's Black Market & It's Worse Than You Think" by Lexy Lebsack for Refinery29 This was such an intriguing article! I definitely want to see more content like this from Refinery29. This investigative piece really takes a look at the dangers associated with the beauty black market and how companies are going about combating them. Definitely take a peek at this! 


"Unlearning The Myth Of American Innocence" by Suzy Hansen for The Guardian This fascinating long read offers an insight as to how America, and White American's by extension, are perceived by others around the globe. We are taught to never question America's motives or morality, having the notion that America is the best country in the world drilled into our heads since birth. That's something that others around the globe don't experience with their own countries, and they also don't view America in this way (because newsflash, America is literally not the land of the free, watch 13th — it's on Netflix — if you question this). 


"The Truth About Women And White Supremacy" by Laura Smith for The Cut Everyone needs to read this. I've seen tweets all about how there weren't women at the "Unite the Right" rally so we couldn't possibly be the problem. That is so wrong. White women are a specifically huge problem! Do you need reminding that the majority of white women voters voted for 45? It's up to every single white person to fight this; and if you aren't fighting it, you're enabling it. 


"How 'Nice White People' Benefit From Charlottesville And White Supremacy" by Lauren Duca for Teen Vogue Another piece reflecting on the events of last weekend, and while it seems like it was a week away, these things are always brewing here in America. This op-ed, by my fave Lauren Duca, calls it all out on complacent white people. The best quote? "The vile hate we saw this weekend is enabled by a far quieter refusal to fight against white supremacy and an accompanying willingness to reap its benefits. You can participate in white supremacy without carrying a tiki torch for racism." Preach.


"The Black American Women Who Made Their Own Art World" by Jessica Bell Brown for Artsy I am so excited to get to see this show in person. This is an overview and writing piece on why the We Wanted a Revolution exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum is so culturally relevant in today's society and the art world. I love it and am so excited to celebrate these women artists by visiting the show before September 17. 


"How Feminist Artists Reclaimed Futura From New York's Mad Men" by Ariela Glitten for Artsy I'm really into typography and typefaces, and I think their histories are so interesting. Futura is an amazing typeface that has a really gendered history in advertising. This article touches on how feminist artists used the typeface in their work to clap back at the advertising industry. It's fun!


"Multilevel-Marketing Companies like LuLaRoe are Forcing People Into Debt and Psychological Crisis" by Alden Wicker for Quartz THIS IS A DOOZY! What a fucking bombshell. I mean, most of us know that these "get rich quick schemes" don't work out for the majority of participators, but LuLaRoe is one hell of a company. Pun intended. This religiously-founded company literally exploits and forces their sellers into debt, and they aren't the only ones. Read this to find out more about it yourself. 


"Late Bloomer" by Garance Doré for Lenny Letter This essay literally made me cry. And I don't even want to have children. This is a heart wrenching personal essay about how a successful woman put herself through hell in an effort to have a child at 41. And failed. The ending lesson? You don't need that shiny something to have your perfect life. 



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