Recommended Reads: March 3, 2018



Hi everyone! I've been busy and happy (6 months in NYC officially!) so this week's selection is a duo of articles that were both moving and the only ones I read. It's currently snowing in NYC, so I'm going to go take a nap. 

Until next week! 



"In Her Own Words: Lena Dunham on Her Decision to Have a Hysterectomy at 31" by Lena Dunham for Vogue - This piece just breaks my heart. I too struggle daily with my uterus, and even though I don't want kids, the thought of removing it from my body also doesn't sit well. The amount of convincing I've already had to do, and would have to do, should I choose to have a hysterectomy, is nearly unbearable. Even with all of her flaws, this personal essay brought me to tears. Our bodies fail us. And there is no worse feeling than that of being betrayed by your own flesh. 


"Beyond BFF" by Kayleen Schaefer for The New York Times My friendships with women are the most valuable in my life. I literally can't think of a single man I would turn to to celebrate or sob or laugh about life with over my girlfriends. My people, tribe, squad, girlfriends, partners in crime, sisters, best friends, long distance bffs, are so special to me. I'm sure yours are to you too.


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