Neon Fauves


Comprised of acrylic and watercolor paintings on canvas and paper, the exhibition serves as the latest iteration of the artist's bold investigations into spirituality, religious symbolism, and the Occult. Boyd's floating deities, known as "fauves" serve as mystical centerpieces within each work, elegantly draped in flora and fauna against a flat vacuous backdrop. While grounded in present day, she re-imagines our universe as a vivid supernatural playground, seamlessly incorporating primitive art traditions with postmodern sensibilities. Touching on themes of faith, sexuality, rebirth, and inner-growth, 'Neon Fauves' is an imaginative exhibition that dwells in enchantment and possibility, reminiscent of surrealist painters Remedios Varo and Leonora Carrington, as well as Frida Kahlo's unique take on magical realism.



Meagan Boyd lives and works in the dark paradise, often referred to as Los Angeles. Through her art, she explores the transcendental realm between dreams and waking life in the context of myth and magic. The work often depicts Utopian environments filled with modern day nymphs, spiritual deities, holy beings, and party monsters, relishing the interconnectivity between all animals, humans, and nature. Incorporating an explosive color palate and intricate line-work, her "freakishly folkish" aesthetic fuses nostalgia with an enigmatic urban glow. In addition to her artistic pursuits, Boyd is the art director and co-founder of the Applied Mythology Project, an organization that seeks to understand the relationship between creativity and esoteric practices in modern society.


Leiminspace Presents NEON FAUVES

A Solo Exhibition of New Works by Meagan Boyd

Opening Reception // Saturday August 12th, 7-10pm

Exhibition on View // August 12th-September 1st

Leiminspace // 443 Lei Min Way Los Angeles, CA


Meagan Boyd is an artist in Los Angeles.

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Images and text courtesy of Nathalie Levey at Color Brigade Media.

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