Lost In The Bleeding

My work revolves around female identity, addressing themes of sexuality and contemporary feminism. I look at the contrast between modern day and the past, thinking about how it has changed or improved. I also take inspiration and ideas from my own self identity, using this within my work, and using my work as a method of self exploration.

My main practice works with embroidery and textiles. I am particularly interested in this medium because of its own patriarchal and submissive history. Embroidery is historically seen as women’s work and a ‘craft’, rather than an art form. I want to embrace this ‘women’s work’ and modernize the medium. I want to challenge these ideas by using embroidery to inform and provoke thought. 

These pieces were created to challenge the taboo that surrounds menstruation. As women, we are constantly made to feel embarrassed or awkward about our periods, being told to keep it hush and not talk about it in front of people. Sanitary advertising is constantly linked with words like 'discrete' despite menstruation being something that half the population goes through. I wanted this work to address this by breaking the silence. 


Amy Taylor is a fiber and textile artist. 

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