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I'M MOVING TO NEW YORK Y'ALL! (No, I don't have a job yet - HIRE ME - and, no, I don't have a place to live yet.) As a result, this week's reading is a little light. I have 7 great pieces of writing for you this week. The first is a reflection of our lives and how we lead them on the internet. There's also a piece about life before the internet. There is writing about self awareness and the political act of being as a Black woman. There's a history of the rainbow flag, and finally, an amazing spotlight on the art of raqs al-sharqi (also known, disrespectfully, as belly dancing). 

Enjoy! Pink Things will continue on as usual, and I'll keep you updated on my reads and my move-in-progress over the next month! As always, thanks for your support, especially this last week. I've gotten so many messages about the inspiring work we're doing here, and it means the world and fuels my desire to do more. I love you <3

"My So-Called (Instagram) Life" by Clara Dollar for the New York TimesOOPH. This piece is a beautiful reality that many "Instagram famous" people live with. I think about it all the time when it comes to Pink Things, and then I get mildly upset about it because faking anything is difficult for me, so being the 'authentic' me on social media is great, until you get slammed for something. It hurts. It's hard. Personally, I think there's no winning, as this user experienced in her digital and personal life. 


"Ask MR: I'm Freaking Out About My Future" by Haley Nahman for Man Repeller This piece applies to pink because I feel like it directly spoke to me and we all know that my future is going to be one hell of a pink place. I am constantly freaking out about "my future" and it really gets in the way of making new accomplishments. I haven't had any time to apply for jobs while freaking out (hire me plz, Pink Things is just a side hustle), and after being turned down for another position this week, Haley Nahman's piece literally blew my mind. So now I'm trying to live and appreciate the uncertainty that is my life (so fucking hard as a Virgo) and things will fall into place eventually, because as she says, I'm doing just fine. 


"Why Is Hyperfemininity Expected Of Fat Women?" by Marie Southard Ospina for Dazed Digital THIS, PIECE. As a fellow fat woman, I feel this to a T. I thoroughly enjoy being femme, but the reactions I get when I don't prescribe to this form of beauty are astounding. Grocery store visits in leggings and a sweatshirt draw judgmental stares while my made-up face at work is praised. Just stop. Fat women, like all other women, are not here for your consumption or your judgement. Thank you so much for questioning this trope. 


"Why Mothering As A Queer Black Woman Is Inherently Political" by Jenn M. Jackson for The Washington Post This op-ed is incredible to read. This woman is amazing to learn from. She is raising her children in a way that is different from the social "norm" in an effort to normalize queer thinking among the younger generation. And it's working. I love this. 


"The Women Fighting Sexist, Racist Stereotypes Around 'Belly Dancing' by Leila Ettachfini for Broadly - This insightful and educational article about the women of raqs al-sharqi, the actual name of 'belly dancing', who are working tirelessly to bring respect back around the art, and the art to the stage. These women are incredible, and the stereotypes that Hollywood has imposed on this cultural celebration is appalling. Read this and you'll have a whole new understanding and appreciation for raqs al-sharqi. 


"Flag Race: A Queer History Of The Rainbow Flag" for Boshemia MagThis was a quick history lesson on the creation of the rainbow flag and how it became a LBGTQ+ symbol, including the recent additions of the black and brown stripes to the flag, and all of it's variations over the years. I appreciated the sassy banter this post offered as well. 


"Before The Internet" by Emma Rathbone for New York Magazine This is beautiful short essay on life before the internet. Humorous, sad, inspiring, and thought provoking. Makes you wonder when the last time you had fun outside of the internet was. 


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