Girlhood Nostalgia


As a third year student at University, the feeling of aging and becoming an adult has become more apparent. I haven't lived properly at home for 2 and a half years and soon it will be time for me to give up my bedroom for a guest room, office, or whatever my parents want to use it for. I will have to move out, get a job, and become an adult. Nostalgia and homesickness have become daily emotions. This inspired me to create a project based on my childhood — a time when I would play all day on the weekends and stay up late on a school night under the covers reading Girl Talk magazine. I wanted to create this work not only for myself however, but for other people to feel nostalgic too, by using the typical 90's girl toys that we all loved. 



Erin Williams is a 21-year-old photography student of photography at Leeds Art University creating work related to identity, sexuality and gender.




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