Recommended Reads: April 21, 2018


Illustration by Malaika Astorga

Happy Saturday! 

Looky here! I've published this piece online on time! Now you'll have the whole weekend to read my recs from this week. I have five for you this weekend, only four of which I have already read (scroll down to discover). I'm going to go read a The Goldfinch in Central Park now in this beautiful weather, bye!

Until next week! 

xx Sarah


"Sexual Harassment Was Rampant at Coachella 2018" by Vera Papisova for Teen Vogue - UGH. Why are people like this?! This writer was at Coachella for TEN HOURS AND WAS GROPED 22 TIMES. Men at music festivals are the worst. Read this to reflect on how festivals perpetuate rape culture. 


"PCOS. POC. Poetry. & Pilates." by Tiana Clark for Lenny Letter - This was a great piece about learning to listen to your body. I suffer from PCOS and I have yet to be diagnosed. I have ovarian cysts every month, and I have had two burst. The doctors I have had have never given me a straight answer about what was wrong with me. I gained 70 pounds in two years. I've seen five doctors. I completely relate to Tiana and her struggle to find peace with her body.


"‘Our Bodies, Ourselves’? It’s Shelved" by Jessica Valenti for The New York Times - A historical feminist book and guide to the female anatomy is being discontinued for the saddest reason: they're out of funds. The non-profit that publishes Our Bodies, Ourselves can no longer afford to publish copies of the book. Jessica Valenti reflects on its history, and what its discontinuation means, in this piece. 


"Beyoncé’s Triumphant Homecoming at Coachella" by Doreen St. Félix for The New Yorker - Just in case you didn't quite get the significance of Beyoncé's Coachella set (which she is set to repeat this weekend), Doreen is here to outline it for you. Also, as always, Bey is a QUEEN. 


"A Farewell to Fuckboys in the Age of Consent Culture" by Minda Honey for Longreads - Full disclosure, I haven't read this piece yet. I'm going to this weekend though! Just like you. I mean, who wouldn't want to read this article with a headline like that? I'm sure that it'll be a worthwhile use of my time. 


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