Clay and I both left our hearts in the Bay and have been meaning to link for about a year before it manifested. I went to see her perform at a swanky hotel in downtown LA and the room was filled to the brim with love and beautiful people. Clay delivered a performance nothing short of magic and I was convinced I had to take her portrait. 


Francesca and I met at Clay’s place and we all quickly bonded over being queer woc and our experiences with coming out to family, living day to day in same sex relationships, being in love and HAIR. We had so much fun gassing eachother up and creating art together.


I don’t know if it’s her hair or bright, sparkly energy but Clay’s aura radiates pink and I styled her to match. We shot most of the story on Clay’s roof in brilliant sunshine. 



Clay is a Singer, Writer, Artist, Activist. & everything in between based in LA.

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May Daniels is a film photographer based in LA.


Francesca makeup artist based in LA.


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