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It has officially passed the one year mark since the 2016 elections, and this week was full of exciting news and great features. I read a lot of things, but I've picked out nine to share with you here. But if you only have time for one read today, check out Glamour's "101 Reasons It's Damn Good to be a Woman in 2017"I promise that it will make you feel the slightest bit better about the world we currently live in. It's important to celebrate the victories, even the little ones.

I'm writing to you from my bed, but next week I'll be writing to you from my desk! I can't wait. There's so much good stuff for you this week in here. I feel super good about this selection and hope you'll take the time to read them! 

Until next week, 

xx Sarah

"Warrior to Wallflower: 'Stranger Things' Shrinks Nancy Wheeler" by Allison McCarthy for Bitch Media FINALLY SOMEONE SAID IT. I loved this season of "Stranger Things" except for Nancy's storyline. It literally had no influence on the plot, it just made her a pawn in a love triangle scheme. The "Stranger Things" writers can do better. Nancy doesn't need anyone to save her, especially not Jonathon (excellent reasons for why Jonathon is a Grade-A creep are outlined in detail in the piece).


"Hillary Clinton's Letter to Her Teenage Self Is So Powerful" by Hillary Clinton for Teen Vogue - It's no secret that I love Hillary Rodham Clinton. I read her post-election book, What Happened, and cried a little and laughed a lot, and I am so excited for Teen Vogue's print issue featuring Hillary as a guest editor. It will most likely be their last, and I just teared up while reading this letter to herself. She's accomplished so much in her lifetime, it's truly inspiring. 


"Wild Swimming With My Doppelgänger" by Jessica L. Pan for LennyLetter - This was a beautiful story! So heart warming and I'm totally jealous that the author met her doppelgänger. And that it was an amazing experience. And that it led her to understand more about herself. It was so utterly lovely to read, my brain is so happy.


"101 Reasons It's Damn Good to be a Woman in 2017" by the Glamour staff for Glamour - If you read one thing this day, week, or month, let it be this amazing list by Glamour. While I don't agree with the ranking of some of the happenings this year, this list is amazing. I feel warm and fuzzy and empowered and fucking emotional because even thought we've been beat down over and over again, we persist, and this is a record of that. Thank you to everyone mentioned in this list for making the world a better place for women and marginalized people to live.


"5 Women Post for Striking Photos of Their Public Hair" by Haley McMillen for Allure - This is so beautiful! I adore these photographs and the diverse stories that the women photographed share. It's truly a celebration of women's bodies (including trans women) and that's something I think we could all remember to do.


"Brave Enough to be Angry" by Lindy West for The New York Times - I'm just going to leave you with a quote from this piece, because I am angry too. "Feminism is the collective manifestation of female anger. They suppress our anger for a reason. Let’s prove them right."


"When Men Fear Women" by Leah Finnegan for The Outline - Remember that article that came right before this one in your scroll? This is a hold-nothing-back take on the complete BS that men are when it comes to sexual harassment. She's angry. And she can say it a little louder for those in the back. Men have begun to fear women, and we aren't going back.


"The Mount Everest of Dicks" by Priscilla Pine for The Cut - I HAVE FOUND MY NEW FAVORITE COLUMN!!! It's called Sex Negative and it's basically Carrie Bradshaw's sex column, except real and better. I mean, who hasn't encountered the dick that scares you to death? I am CRYING (because I am laughing so hard).


"It's About Your Game" by adrienne maree brown for Bitch Media - This piece is super supportive in light of the recent sexual assault allegations against several men in every industry. It shares how flirting can be a way to own yourself and learn how to communicate your desires. It's okay to be a sexual person, no matter how much society tells us otherwise. There's even advice on how to flirt for people who are bad at it, like me. I really appreciated this piece and how gentle it is. One of my fave writers does it again.


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