Pink Paintings by Karen Grosman

Temptation , oil on canvas, 30x40”

Temptation, oil on canvas, 30x40”

This collection of paintings are monotone pink portraits exploring ideas concerning superficiality, sexuality, commodity fetishism, complacency, beauty, distraction and the female identity.

I am interested in challenging myself to put complexity and depth in these works while working with a limited palette, exploring different psychological states and emotions through different colors. These paintings are oil on canvas or panel in a variety of sizes.

The paintings and objects are aesthetically inspired by my recent trip to Paris and the exposure to French Rococo paintings and architecture. Insects inspire me because of the amount of beauty, pattern and complexity within such a small size, especially the butterfly.

The creation of the objects began as a starting point for the paintings, I prefer painting from images or objects and the sculptures allowed me to create my idea in a 3D form before painting. They soon took on an energy of their own and I now consider it a separate part of my practice.

The paintings, ceramics and objects all influence each other and allow me to think in different ways, bringing new energy to each medium. This process allows me the creative freedom I need in my studio.

The ceramics are conceptually about Genocide, stolen wealth, and hiding the ugly with outward beauty. The fragility of the medium is used to make pieces which include bugs, bones, teeth, and other abject imagery, as well as more traditional objects of flowers and other beautiful subjects that contrast the more abject pieces.

Karen Grosman is based in Toronto, Ontario. Her practice concentrates on painting, ceramic sculptures and large scale ceramic art installations.

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