Feminine Expressions


I’ve always had an interest in portraiture, but more specifically feminine figures. Most of my portraits are created from memory, or made of features from various women, allowing for imperfections and asymmetry. Creating hyper-realistic art has never been my strong suit. I used to think that creating art from observation was a textbook procedure, intended only to reproduce what it is we see with our eyes. As I’ve grown as an artist, I’ve realized that there is beauty and intrigue in disfigurement. As women are constantly expected to conform to or represent society's standards of beauty, I find that I am more determined to challenge that notion in my work.

Louise Astorino is a digital media professional and the co-founder of tittees.


tittees is an original screen-printing tee shirt company eliminating the stigma around breasts, regardless of sexual orientation or gender. tittees also donates a portion of their proceeds to women’s healthcare every month.

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