About Pink things

Pink Things is a platform for pink-adjacent topics expressed through art, words, and music.


This platform was founded in April of 2016 by Sarah Sickles as a part of her senior thesis project. After making personal artwork about the color, she grew bored with her own perspective and launched Pink Things to share the views of others. Pink Things has since grown into an international community of over 6,000 people made up of contributors, artists, writers, stockists, followers, friends, and the expanding Pink Things team. Pink Things has published three print editions (a fourth is on the way), updates the website with fresh content multiple times a week, and sends out a weekly newsletter filled with the best of the internet.

We’re happy you’re here. Join us in discovering everything that pink has to offer <3

Pink Things is a proud member of The Creative Zine Coalition (CZC), a non-profit philanthropic community of independent zines + publications dedicated to using art as a tool for activism.

the Pink Things Team


Sarah Sickles is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Pink Things. She used to be a fine artist examining her world through a pink lens, but now spends her time working at Gagosian Gallery and on freelance creative endeavors, as well as reading anything she can get her hands on. She’s the News Editor at Don’t Take Pictures and lives and works in New York City.

Instagram: @lolaphalangee

Twitter: @lolaphalangee

Photo by Sarah Sickles


Malaika Astorga is the Creative Director of Pink Things. She is a Mexican-Canadian visual artist living and working in Montreal with her two cats. She is an illustrator, animator, and has been with Pink Things for over two years.

Instagram: @_flleur

Art Instagram: @flloral_art

Photo by Sam Soh