Who to Follow: Vol. IIII

Design by Malaika Astorga

Design by Malaika Astorga

Happy Pride to my fellow Queer babies !!!!

It’s June, which means that it’s officially Pride month and I want to celebrate some beautiful Queer creatives and activists that I follow on Instagram, and that I definitely think you should too. These accounts feature a good mix of beautiful Queer content; art, writing, humor, personal stories, and so much more. While these are only a small group of people I want to celebrate this month, please feel free to send you favorite Queer accounts my way. I want to celebrate each and every one and tell you how proud I am of you. So much love !!!


Roxane Gay (@roxanegay74)

Roxane Gay is argueably one of the most influencial Queer writer/activist/critic of our time. Known for her published works Bad Feminist (2014) and Hunger (2017), she is extremely active within the queer socio-political scene and definitely worth following. I also suggest checking out her Twitter for some good content.


MYCOZE (@mycoze_)

A self-described “Queer feminist prosex photographer” based in Montreal, QC, MYCOZE’s instagram account is a beautiful, raw and honest love letter to the queer body through photographs. MYCOZE has collaborated with so many different Queer-positive brand and nothing inspires me more than to scroll through their feed. 


Djesika (@djesikabel)

I first followed Djesika after they did a Leste Magazine Instagram takeover a few months ago, and ever since then have considered them one of my favourite instagrams to follow, specifically for their insta stories. Djesika is someone who will unapologetically post 20+ stories, but it’s all good because the things they have to say are so relevant and interesting and educational. Raising a child in NYC as a single mother, attending school, teaching, educating people on the internet, growing orchids, making art, they’re truly an inspiring human. 


Tilly Lawless (@tilly_lawless) 

Tilly is a “Sydney-based horse-riding queer sex worker”. I have followed her for a long time, and have truly learned so much from her posts and her frequent Q&As on her stories, in which she answers the questions with the raw honesty we all need. Her content ranges from beautiful testimonials of her journey, stories from her work, suggestions of Queer pop-culture things to look into, and so much more.  


Ney (@neyon_tree)

You’ve probably seen Ney’s pole-dancing videos floating around Instagram. A truly beautiful and graceful human being, I don’t think I’ve ever followed anyone more honest and radiating with energy (even through the screen of my phone). Ney talks about their work, their cruelty free lifestyle, their thoughts, their body, and everything in between. When you see their posts as you scroll down your feed, it’ll bring you a little bit of fresh air, and let you take a deep breath before you go on with your day. 


Carla Gras is a writer, creator, and photographer with roots in NYC, MTL, and PRG.