Who to Follow: Vol. II


Illustration by Malaika Astorga

In the age of the internet, you can find knowledge everywhere and Instagram just happens to be one of those places. If you’re going to use social media, you might as well use it to educate yourself a little more, in really simple ways. Here’s one: follow sex-positive, sex education Instagram accounts! The platform hosts countless brands and individuals working to destigmatize sex and bring awareness to sex education.

This month’s Who to Follow features some of my favorite sex-positive educational Instagram accounts focused on... well, sex.


Wild Flower Sex (@wildflowersex)

Founded in 2017, Wild Flower Sex is one of the most recognized sex-positive platforms on Instagram. Wild flower is both an online sex shop, and an educational resource “dedicated to offering the most innovative sexual wellness and adult store products in a sex positive and educational environment.” “They strive to create a radiant community through promoting self care, sexual well being, and an all inclusive atmosphere.”


Sex Things I Learn (@sexthingsilearn)

This account is run by a dear friend of mine, who, while studying sex education at university, decided to share the things she learned on an inclusive and accessible instagram platform. Through short, informative videos, Anna focuses on providing “gender neutral and queer positive educational tips, tricks, or treats with an emphasis on acceptance and harm reduction!”


Zoë Ligon (@thongria)

Owner of the online sex-positive toy shop Spectrum Boutique, Zoë Ligon is the funniest sex-ed teacher you wish you’d always had. An actual professional sex educator and journalist, Zoë posts resources, sex toy reviews, personal narratives and so much more. You’re gonna want to follow her for the information she provides, but most importantly for the laughs.


Killer and a Sweet Thang (@birds.bees)

Run by sex educator Eileen Kelly (@killerandasweetthang), this blog is focused on educating and destigmatizing sex through podcasts, interviews, blog posts, op-eds, research-based articles, and so much more. Their motto? The belief that “everyone can benefit from inclusive, comprehensive sex education,” with the aim to “help you resist the forces that tell you to feel ashamed of your bodies and desires.”


Maja Malou Lyse (@habitual_body_monitoring2)

Maja has gotten their account deleted more than a couple times, yet this self titled “sex-critical artist” from Denmark keeps coming back, better than ever before. Redefining our understanding of sex and sexuality, this is a beautiful, sex-positive, safe space about art and education run by an equally lovely soul.


Nox (@noxshop)

Based in Montreal, Nox is more than just a sex toy shop. It’s a sex-positive platform and a community. They provide self-care suggestions, educational resources, journal articles about different sex-related things, and most importantly, they open up the conversation around the stigma of sex. Their goal is to “develop the space between sexual wellness and lifestyle.”


Unbound (@unboundbabes)

Unbound is another one of the leading names in the sex-positive toy industry. As is written on their website, the platform came to life after they “felt the world lacked a place to have fun, inclusive conversations around sex.” Unbound has become a “leader in changing how feminists explore and enjoy their sex lives.” Through their numerous resources, they promote the “radical possibilities of pleasure” and community.


Carla Gras is a writer, creator, and photographer with roots in NYC, MTL and PRG.