To The Secret Feminist


Unidos by Erin Rivera



I know you believe in equality for all. I know you are passionate and afraid at the same time. I applaud you for being a feminist in the first place, whether you are a man or a woman. I know society expects you to go with the ‘status quo’ and that it will shame you if you dare step out of line.

The injustices and ignorant arguments may baffle and infuriate you. You may want to speak out against them but don't due to fear of isolation from the pack. I understand. You may think you are alone, but I promise that there are many others who share the same beliefs. All it takes to find your fellow feminists is a little courage. Don't be afraid to be alone, you won’t be for long. It’s easier to be alone with your truth than it is to be in a crowd with lies slowly suffocating your soul.

I too have had moments where I've stepped out for a night, only to retreat into the familiar safety of darkness when I've been challenged by someone close to me. It’s often those closest to us that we have trouble standing up to. But we have to learn to stand up for ourselves and for those who don’t have the privilege, who aren’t having their screams for justice heard. We need to persevere so that their throats don’t become hoarse from shouting. We can do this together. Step by step, inch by inch, unfurl your spines, ground your feet, lift your heads, and step out of the darkness.






Ayesha Noor is a writer.