Fairy Lights Are Astronauts Too


Illustration by Malaika Astorga

Fairy Lights Are Astronauts Too


The pink fairy lights are throwing their heads off

Off with their heads!

say the plaited electric strings

Off with their heads… Where do you think we are?

… Down the rabbit hole, we don’t think so


They are heartless these strings

beating only to the pop-pop-pop

of pinging fairy heads off

bursting them into midnight gardens

whizzing, knotting through star tree tops

skimming neighbours’ hairbands


Spinning like lit yo-yos, reckless

looking like dizzy dizzy rose shooting stars

as they flow through blackness, rocketing

into outer space and the strings call


Go to Mars and don’t return

but if you do then bring us crater dust

some red lava, a lavender vest

and some anti-gravity powder

because we have always wanted to float

we think we want to fly in the sky like you

so bring us back the moon actually

and we can rejoin and decorate

the better globe instead



C.M. Hanger is a poet.