Giving a Voice to those Who Need to be Heard

My tidbit on this election

So two days ago, the United States elected a new President, Donald Trump. He was not my pick. He was not a lot of American’s ideal candidate. He wasn’t even the majority’s choice. But he won, fair and square, and now we must move on.

When I say move on, I do not mean lay down and accept our fate. I mean move on from this setback and progress. Fight the regression that will be attempting to silence us from this day forward. I took yesterday to mourn. I was hurt, I felt vulnerable, as many Americans did. But today, I am angry. Today I fight. Today I take a stand for inclusion, for acceptance, for a better America. No one should feel unsafe in our country, and now that the majority of the population does, we need to channel that fear and anger into something productive. Do not accept your fate. Fight for a better future, spread the love, and be mindful and aware of exclusion and work against it.

This goes out to all of my friends, the LBGTQA community, the POC, the Muslims, the women, anyone who feels marginalized by politics at this time. Pink Things is a platform for defining Pink and sharing perspectives on all things related. We will continue to post content, continue to support, and continue to fight for what we believe in. Your voice will be heard.

We are always looking for contributors and new content. Have some feels about the results of the election? Send em over. Wanna write about how you have been personally affected by this transition of power? Do it. We will publish it. Did you make art all day yesterday in an attempt to rationalize what just happened? We want you to be heard. Email me at I won’t stop fighting. Pink Things will give you a voice.