Who to Follow: Vol. III
Design by Malaika Astorga

Design by Malaika Astorga

What would the internet be without memes? It’s a strange expression of humor we’ve developed over the last decade or so, and the meme accounts on Instagram have truly developed to become their own type of recognized influencers. What’s a sleepless night or a long work shift without exchanging a few memes with your friends via the gram?

So this month’s “who to follow” features some of my favorite womxn-run meme accounts. From political humor to astrology memes, these cover it all.


Courtney P. (@notallgeminis)

One of the primary astrology meme accounts, @notallgeminis is the go-to account if you are looking for relatable astrology content. These memes are the ones you want to send to group chats for a good laugh (and maybe start some drama). Also fun tip, if you want to know your crush’s star sign, just send them an astrology meme and they’ll give it to you without you having to ask. (I’ve learned from experience that flirting with astrology memes is a great tactic.)


Emma (@sinternetexplorer)

Emma’s meme account is part personal-reflection, part niche meme humor. It’s always nice being able to know the person behind a meme account, and Emma makes sure to keep an honest relationship with her followers. But also her memes are too good to overlook. Focusing mainly on mental health and self deprecative humor, @sinternetexplorer will have you cackling manically into the night.



This meme account, run by a “proud gemini”, is a collection of the best memes and internet jokes flying around instagram, all nicely organized in one place for leisurly viewing. While they do not publish original content, all the memes are tagged with their original creator - which can help you find and follow your next favorite meme account.



This one is for all my fellow dykes out there. Playing off the joke of “I wish you were gay”, this account is part queer pop culture and part queer memes. Self described as an account of “all things dyke and beautiful”, @godimsuchadyke is a must follow.



Based in Montreal, this meme account is pretty much a virtual inside joke to everyone who calls this city home. A large majority of the memes on this page are “starter-pack” memes (which are personally my favorites). Give it a follow and send a few to your friends, you’ll definitely identify a few people within these memes.


Binny Debbie (@scariest_bug_ever)

Binny is probably one of the most recognized meme accounts of our generation. Dealing with intense issues such as depression, recovery, and addiction amidst lighter humor, this account is the one you want to send to your friends when you’re feeling down and need some self-deprecative laughs.


Kate (@jean.paul.fartre)

Kate’s account, if her instagram handle doesn’t make it clear enough, is for those who love political humor. You’ve probably seen her memes shared around the Montreal community, as this is the city she’s based out of. Between making memes and calling out the MTL Dime bros, Kate also keeps her followers updated on important current issues, as well as providing a platform to go-fund-me’s and minority populations.


Carla Gras is a writer, creator, and photographer with roots in NYC, MTL and PRG.


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