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It's 9:30 PM in New York City. I'm currently sitting on my friend Katie's couch, drinking my second glass of wine and watching The Office while trying to get some work done. It's not working. I have over 40 tabs of articles to read open on my computer as we speak. But I'm done. I'm tired and I have a weekend full of work ahead of me. I've officially moved to NYC, but my apartment isn't ready yet, so the couch I am currently sitting on, I am also currently sleeping on. Bless her soul. She's napping on the couch across from me. I love this city. I'll be back next week with actual words and a lot more articles...hopefully. I swear things will get back to normal soon. Life has just been so hectic. 

I love you all, and shout out to my amazing interns for helping me and Pink Things stay afloat while this massive transition happened.

xo Sarah


"The Sexual Assault Generation Gap" by Ann Friedman for The Cut This was a really interesting conversation between Ann Friedman, one of my favorite writers and co-host of my fave podcast, Call Your Girlfriend, and Vanessa Grigoriadis. They talk about sexual assault and the language surrounding it and how it has changed through the generations. It's for sure an interesting read, even if I don't necessarily agree with everything said. 


"All Of The Genitals In The Sex Museum Are White" by Juliana Pache for The Fader I am so incredibly appalled at myself. I loved the Museum of Sex. LOVED it. And I never even registered this fact. And Juliana Pache is absolutely right: it's just another example of institutionalized White Supremacy. *fuming*


"My Perfect Fucking Skin" by Lena Dunham for Lenny Letter My problematic fave is back at it again with something I REALLY relate to. I suffer from Keratosis Pilaris coupled with hyper-pigmentation of the skin. Translation? My arms, legs, and now my back, are covered in tiny bumps and scars. It's my biggest insecurity. And in this essay Lena talks about her recent struggles with her skin. My skin used to be perfect, and my KP has been better, but lately it has all gotten severely worse. It's hard to deal. But thanks for writing this Lena, it helped. 


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"Stripped Bare" by Antonia Crane for Lenny Letter - This was a beautiful read about the woman who started the exotic workers union in San Francisco and eventually had to tell her mother that she was a stripper, but that it didn't make her a broken person. Antonia's writing emotes from the page. It's powerful and I can't recommend taking the time to read it enough.


"The Women Entrepreneurs Created A Fake Male CoFounder To Dodge Startup Sexism" by John Paul Titlow for Fast Company - Woah! This is amazing, and sad. But it's a quick read about tech sexism and how these women learned to work around it.


"Hollywood's Colorism Problem Can't Be Ignored Any Longer" by Tiffany Onyejiaka for Teen Vogue - This op-ed is truthful and important. I've totally noticed the colorism problem with representation in Hollywood, not to mention in places outside of Hollywood. It is more difficult to get a job anywhere when you aren't a person of a lighter skin tone. Something to think about. 


"Abortion Under 45 Hearkens Back To The Jane Era" by Jacklynn Blanchard for Bitch Media If you haven't heard of the Janes, you need to read this article. When abortion was illegal, women from all around the country came together to provide an underground safe space providing safe abortions. We might be facing something like this again in the future. 


"Cool Study Examines the Nuanced Ways Women Orgasm" by Kimberly Lawson for Broadly - There is a ton, and should be more, research happening surrounding women's pleasure. This study confirms the incredible number of differences that women have in preferences for sexual stimulation, and it also touches on the idea that not all orgasms are created equal. 


"What It's Truly Like To Be A Fashion Model" by Valeriya Safronova, Joana Nikas, and Natalia V. Osipova for The New York Times This powerful short video and article comes right in the middle of New York Fashion Week (I viewed it right as it was beginning), launching the month long fashion extravaganza around the world. The modeling industry, while making a few steps forward in the last decade, is still very limited. I love the honesty these models have in this video and applaud them for stepping forward and using their voices to change the industry. 


"Fashion IS Political, Period" by Lauren Duca for Teen Vogue My fave, Lauren Duca, is back at it again just in time for Fashion Week! Fashion is political, and take it from me (and Lauren), you can love shoes and fashion AND politics. I sure do. 


"Elaine Welteroth, Teen Vogue’s Refashionista" by Jazmine Hughes for The New York Times Speaking of Teen Vogue, Elaine Welteroth is everything I aspire to be and more. She's the youngest Editor in Chief at a Condé Nast publication, EVER. At 29, she's killing the game and has revolutionized Teen Vogue as we know it today. That shit is WOKE. I love her. 


"We Have to Change the Idea That a Woman With Ambition Is Out Only for Herself" by Reese Witherspoon for Glamour - GET IT REESE! I am an ambitious woman, and I live for this essay. Reese has immense privilege, but she's leveraging it to encourage other women, regardless of color, to pursue their ambition and stand up for it. Love, love, love it. 


"How To Practice Self-Care As An Entrepreneur (Because Burnout Is Real)" by Alisha Ramos for Girlboss - I've been following Girls Night In for a long time now and it's been amazing to watch them organically grow. Alisha is incredible and awe inspiring. This essay about taking the time to take care of yourself, and how to make the time to do so if you're an entrepreneur, is a must read for all you ambitious loves out there. 


"Ask For More Pillows: Size, Sex, and Chemistry" by adreinne maree brown for Bitch Media - I identify as fat and have been struggling with my sexuality and sensuality as a result. I really enjoyed this article about sex and pleasure in and for fat bodies. 


"The Ambition Collision" by Lisa Miller for The Cut - This is my greatest fear, and actually makes a lot of sense. Lisa Miller writes about how women in their 30's are discovering that women are not, in fact, indestructible. It's hard to describe, but we might have been better off if we weren't told that we could do anything. The closing line says, "The other day, I saw a 6-year-old girl wearing a T-shirt that said “Undefeatable.” She was skipping down the street and holding her father’s hand. And I thought, That’s the problem right there. Surely, that girl is as defeatable — or as undefeatable — as anyone. But that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t grow up to fight." I think that sums it up pretty well. 



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