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Okay, so I didn't move into my new apartment yet. But I am today! By today I mean Saturday, even though I'm writing this on Friday night. It's so exciting! I'm hoping that I will have more time to read and relax and be with myself and the internet for some time next week, to catch up on reading and find my center. I've felt really off balance this past month, not really sure what the balance of sleep/activity/work/relaxing/fun should be. I'm not sure that I'll ever find it, but I know I will have a better chance after today. Coming home to a place that I can call my own is so important for me mentally. I'm really looking forward to no longer being homeless and getting Pink Things back on track.

xo Sarah


"Stop Calling Women Nags—We're Just Fed Up" by Gemma Hartley for Harpers Bazaar - Isn't this the fucking truth. Such a great read. I've done a lot of emotional labor this week and it's fucking exhausting. It's severely underrated, and it's ridiculous that some of us have to go through even more EL to explain it to our partners without hurting their feelings. It's an endless cycle that can only be broken as described in this essay. 


"Don't Call Me Hispanic: A Bitch Roundtable On Latinx Identities" by Bitch HQ for Bitch Media - This was a great read on how different people who identify, or might be lumped into the generalized category of Latinx, experience that identity (or don't). The one thing they all agree on for sure? Hispanic is an offensive colonial word used to eliminate culture and diversity by generalizing anyone with brown skin. A great read with amazing insight for allies. 


"Common Venmo Charges, Decoded" by Olivia de Recat for The New Yorker - This was just a super cute lil illustrative story. It's sooooo NYC. <3


"I Wore Mens Heels, And No One Even Cared" by Dan Shinaberry for Teen Vogue - This piece!!! This was great. The future of fashion has no binaries, and this is just evidence. It might be a NYC thing (definitely is a NYC thing to go unnoticed), but the fashions that start here migrate everywhere. 


"Pop Stars Didn't Invent Gender Fluidity" by Jared Michael Lowe for Teen Vogue - THIS PIECE. Gender fluidity isn't a trend, it's a real identity and experience for a lot of people. And while some of these celebrities are actually dealing with gender fluidity themselves, and are bringing a positive light to it, those who are just utilizing it as a fashion trend need to go away. 


"Don't Even Think About Talking To Me Until I've Had My Second La Croix" by Wes Marfield for The New Yorker - I AM DYING!!! This is the funniest thing I've read all week. 


"The Agony And Elation Of Having Sisters" by Abigail Bergstrom for Elle - This is a sweet reflection on the irreplaceable relationship you have with your sister(s). I definitely thought of mine while reading this. 


Merp. I also didn't read a lot of articles this week because I started What Happened by the inspiring Hillary Rodham Clinton. So stay tuned for more on that and check out last week's recs here.