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"You Too" by Andi Zeisler for Bitch Media - YESSS ANDI!!! This is exactly what I was talking about last week with the #metoo movement (appropriated from a black women by white women everywhere). Loophole women (read the article. It's seriously so good) are problematic without intentionally being problematic. It's a vicious cycle that only ends, as Andi says, by talking about it.


"Gossip Grrrl" by Anne Helen Petersen for Bitch Media - This article articulates everything I believe about being a feminist and also loving celebrity gossip. I LOVE keeping up with the Karsashians, and as Anne Helen Petersen points out in this amazing piece, consuming this pop culture and dissecting it's problems and why you enjoy it is an inherently feminist act. There might not be such a thing as feminist gossip, but you can totally be a feminist and love celebrity culture. 


"Dear Men: It's You Too" by Roxane Gay for The New York Times - To no one's surprise, Roxane Gay does it again! Her powerful ending to this thoughtful piece on the recent sexual harassment spotlight: "It’s time for men to start answering for themselves because women cannot possibly solve this problem they had no hand in creating." Agreed Roxane, agreed.


"Harvey Weinstein and the Economics of Consent" by Brit Marling for The Atlantic - This article is different from all of the others you've read about the sexual harassment cases this year. This piece specifically talks about how financial security relates to consent, especially in instances where those being harassed are women of color. It's an incredible read, and I'm so glad this is also being brought into the discussion.


"From #MeToo to #WeConsented" by adrienne maree brown for Bitch Media This week's Bitch Media piece on pleasure is about the pleasure of consent. I'm so glad that this is being talked about on one of my favorite platforms by one of my favorite writers on the platform. This one is important and really rewarding to read. 


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