Related Articles: June 17, 2017


I read for about four hours every day. It's not something designated, and sometimes it's less and sometimes it's more. But I read a lot. My Facebook saved list is a never ending pit of entertainment. I read news articles, I read Facebook posts, I read print magazines, I read personal essays, I read Pink Things submissions. I read every single day, every single week. So every week I round up my favorite reads and add them to the Pink Things Related Articles page just in case someone is as into reading as I am.

Starting today, I will be listing the week's Related Articles in a weekly Saturday post – in no particular order – with brief descriptions. 

This week I have 10 favorites for you to sort through. Read all of them. Read none of them. Save them for later. Indulge in a binge right now. It's up to you. Enjoy! 



"What My Transgender Boyfriend Taught Me About Relationshipsby Raechel Anne Jolie and Logan Casey for Teen Vogue - This is a conversation between a couple, one of whom is a transgender man. They make some great points about pronouns and how you can be an ally and supportive partner to a member of the LBGTQ+ community. It was really insightful and I encourage you to read this if you've ever wondered about it. 



"America Made Me A Feminist" by Paulina Porizkova for The New York TimesThis inspiring read is by a widely traveled woman who didn't know she needed feminism until she lived in the US. It provides a unique perspective on how different cultures treat women, and how America is failing ours. 



"Lena Dunham: Losing Birth Control Could Mean A Lifetime Of Pain" by Lena Dunham for The New York Times - Lena Dunham is a problematic fave. I know she's the worst, but she might have some redeeming qualities. I have never agreed with her until reading this essay on the impact that a loss of healthcare would have on thousands and millions of women and LBGTQ+ people in the USA. Lena has been suffering from endometriosis and PCOS for years and has brought some much needed attention to these painful health issues. As someone who is personally struggling with her menstrual health, I really couldn't agree more.



"Tiny Massacres: On The One Year Anniversary Of Pulse" by Bani Amor for Bitch Media - Bitch is easily my favorite feminist platform. I subscribe to their daily email newsletter which is always filled with the previous day's intersectional feminist articles from both Bitch and other news sources. This intense personal essay reflects on the year since the Pulse shooting and how Bani Amor has been personally affected by the event. 



"Paintings Of Roller Derby Butt Bruises As Feminist Badges Of Honor" by Carey Dunne for Hyperallergic - This is a feminist art feature of roller derby butt bruise paintings. It's amazing.



"How To Masturbate If You Have A Vagina" by Gigi Engle for Teen Vogue - Sexual Education is seriously lacking in the US. So if you're a sexual being, have no clue where to start, or are just wondering if you're doing it right, read this. 



"Feminists Of The World Unite Against Bullshit Tampon Tax" by Reina Gattuso for Feministing - This is a delightfully sarcastic write up of how women and marginalized people are taxed for being different around the world. Super enlightening about other culture's take on the "bullshit tampon tax" and a should-be-required-to-read article for anyone involved in laws surrounding menstrual health.



"L.A. Pride Parade Morphs Into #ResistMarch, As Tens Of Thousands Hit The Streets" by Hailey Branson-Potts, Meg Bernhard and Anh Do for The LA Times - This was some much loved coverage of the LA Pride Parade/Resist March that took place last weekend. If you're feeling blue, this might cheer you up.



"Meet The High School Student Who Mapped Every Abortion Clinic In The USby Leila Ettachfini for Broadly - The definition of a #girlboss, this interview with the high schooler who is literally making it easier for EVERYONE to find an abortion clinic – which will ultimately save lives – makes you want to get up and do something productive. I am so glad that this fearless young woman is doing what she's doing, and you can help! 


So that's it for this week. You can read all of the previous Related Articles here (and there's a lot of them).

xo Sarah