Related Articles: July 8, 2017


The week of July 4th. What a doozy. There are quite a few political pieces in here because, well, pink is political. I should provide a disclaimer here that these are just my recommended articles for the week. They aren't paid, they're just works of writing that I enjoyed reading. It doesn't even mean that I agreed with everything in every one of these. However, I still think they should be read by you, even if you disagree with them, because, like in last week's "Woke Letter" from Teen Vogue, we can't have conversations without taking the time to understand each side. Living in a world where only your opinion matters isn't real and doesn't contribute anything of value to making the world a better place. I am definitely liberal and progressive, working very hard on myself to be as intersectional as possible, and that includes everyone, no matter their political stance, sex, gender, age, race, sexual orientation, etc. But, it's a work in progress. 


This week's reads come from some unexpected places, and regulars like Teen Vogue. There are a few history lessons, a commentary on the week's political bullshit, and more. Enjoy these 9 related articles and I'll see you Monday with a new feature!

"How Jane Helped 11,000 Women Get Abortions When The Procedure Was Outlawed" by Cindy Crabb for Teen VogueWords cannot even begin to describe the bravery, skill, and compassion of the underground abortion group, Jane. I watched a documentary all about it, and it literally saved thousands of women's lives, in more ways than one, by providing a safe, accessible, affordable way to get an abortion. The women in this network learned how to perform abortions themselves so they could help other women. I's amazing. It's one of the most incredible stories of women from all walks of life coming together in history, but is rarely taught in history lessons. Read this for some feminist history and how you can help keep abortion legal in 2017. 


"How To Masturbate If You Have A Penis" by Gigi Engle for Teen Vogue - A sex positive article purely about pleasure. You certainly won't learn about this in Sex-Ed. *Giggles*


"THE REIGN OF PATRIARCHY BEGINS WITH THE 'PATRIOT'" by Bitch HQ for Bitch Media - THIS. IS. A. GOOD. PIECE. OF. WRITING. Political, yes, but an important reflection on the origins of the "patriot" and how the term has been twisted and turned and used as a weapon against people who are considered 'other' – women, LBGTQ+, people from other countries, anyone not Christian, etc. What would happen if "patriot" was treated the same way as "feminist"? Don't get me wrong, I know my privilege of living in America, but no one, or country for that matter, is perfect. 


"The Week In Douchebags" by Andi Zeisler for Bitch MediaI am LITERALLY CRYING. THIS IS SO FUCKING FUNNY. Like, it's not funny because this shit is actually happening, but it's hilarious. The first line reads, "People. Remember one thousand years ago last week when..." It just gets better from there. Bitch Media pits the worst against the worst in a battle to see who's the worst in this week's political drama. IT'S GREAT. 


"How To Sell A Billion-Dollar Myth Like A French Girl" by Eliza Brooke for RackedThis long read is a great investigation into the US obsession with the ideal of the "French Girl". It unpacks a lot of business and editorial moves that ultimately increase clicks and sales, just by associating the brand or article with French culture. It calls total bullshit and uses humor to stare this trend right in the face. If you're a sucker for a good "How to Dress like a French Girl" article, you'll want to read this. Also, shout out to the ever amazing Alisha Ramos of Girls Night In for leading me to this article <3 


"Festival Rape Culture Will Not Be Solved By Sweden's Women-Only Music Festival" by Sandra Song for Teen VogueYES. The Non-Men music festival, as it was actually suggested to be, is not a solution, though it would be a cool destination. There are deeper problems and, though this festival has its heart in the right place, it ultimately does nothing to pursue a solution to the problem of rape culture. 


"Being Pretty Is A Privilege, But We Refuse To Acknowledge It" by Janet Mock for AllureI LOVE Janet Mock. I read both of her memoirs this week and they are easily the best books I have read yet this year. She is unashamedly herself and the world is a better place with her in it. Fun (read: Pisses me off) Fact: Though Surpassing Certainty was just released, it isn't on the Barnes and Noble "New Releases" tables at my local store. And I call bullshit. That's passive oppression of trans people. Like why are we putting up with micro-aggressions like this?! ANYWAY. This article calls out the privilege of being pretty, and it's totally real. Just like everything Janet Mock writes, I'm super into it. 


"Maxine Waters, The Internet's Political Auntie, Won't Back Down On Trump" by Seamus Kirst for BroadlyThere's nothing in here that isn't in all of the other articles about Auntie Maxine. I just love her and thought she would be a nice asset to this week's related articles. Maxine Waters 2020! 


"When It Comes To Revenge Porn, LBGTQ People Art Hit The Hardest" by Queerty for The Good Men Project In the midst of a revenge porn scandal featuring the mentally-ill-and-still-a-dick Rob Kardashian, it's important to note that the victims of revenge porn can include everyone, and like most things, affect the LBGTQ disproportionately. This is a quick read with some statistics on a revenge porn study and those affected by it. 


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