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This has been an incredibly terrible week for many reasons, with 45's trans military ban at the top of the list along with the unending desire from the R's in congress to oppress the poor further by taking away their healthcare. This week's recommended reads are full of fire — surprising news and perspectives — and I hope you will read them and recognize your privilege while doing so. Start with this piece, and then carry on through the rest of this post. 

I just want to say to the LBGTQ+ readers, especially our trans readers, of Pink Things, that I'm sorry this is happening. This is not something I support in any fashion. This is something I have and will continue to condemn as this administration continues on, doing my best as an ally to use my privilege to not erase your voices, but lift them up however I can. 

"It Has Never Been About R. Kelly. It's Always Been About Black Girls" by Evette Dionne for Bitch Media Everyone read the piece by Buzzfeed last week that painted an awful, but truthful, picture of R. Kelly. This piece by Bitch Media takes it one step further, calling out everyone who is talking about R. Kelly, but refuses to recognize that the real victims here are the, often teenage, girls that he preys upon. Black girls are, again, blamed for the manipulation of an adult Black man. 


"My Boyfriend & I Got A Girlfriend – & Here's What Happened" by Alicia Morgan for Refinery29 This was a super fascinating read about a polyamorous relationship turned sour, but in a positive light. As someone who is curious about polyamory, but never experienced it, this was a beautiful narrative of love, communication, and trust in a relationship.  


"Why Women Aren't C.E.O.s According To Women Who Almost Were" by Susan Chira for The New York TimesThis is a powerful piece filled with statistics and first person accounts of misogyny in the workplace, some obvious and some less so. It's appalling that only 6% of CEOs are women. SIX PERCENT. When women make up half of the workforce! Gahh. Please read this. 


"From Screaming Heartbreak To Bliss In My Life On The Road" by Nicole Leth as told by Kyle Munson for The Des Moines Register - My smart, talented, loving, beautiful friend Nicole Leth spoke at the Des Moines Storyteller's Project about how road-trips have always been significant in her life. She feels so deeply, has suffered huge losses, and always manages to come out on the other side stronger than before. It makes me so happy to see her so happy. And I love watching her life. <3


"A Request From Your Fat Friend: What I Need When We Talk About Bodies" by Your Fat Friend for Everyday Feminism - THIS. I am the fat friend in my group of friends. And nothing makes me feel worse than talking about bodies with my skinny friends. They will say, "I feel so fat," or "I know what you mean," when I talk about my 80 pound weight gain as if their 5 pound water weight can even hold a candle to my experiences and new body. WE ARE NOT THE SAME. I need you to understand that. And the first step is by reading this piece.  


"Transgender People And 'Biological Sex' Myths" by Julia Serano for MediumConfused about how your thoughts about trans people's genitals are harmful? Read this because you're wrong. This piece debunks all of the myths surrounding sex and gender and plainly points out how they are different, but also scientifically proven to be biologically authentic (not how you think, read it to find out!). Trans women are women. Period.  


"Call Out Culture's Generation Gap: Tumblr, Queer Theory, And Lateral Violence" by Fury for Archer - This article connects the dots between exposure, the internet, understanding, and ageism in the LBGTQ+ community. An example? The word queer has been largely accepted as an empowering term by millennials, but older generations may still find it offensive or triggering. 


"When Plagiarism Does The Work Of White Supremacy" by Eliza Cussen for Medium - I totally see this as a problem in my chosen industry. I see it all the time, even in some of my favorite publications. I'm doing my best to not be another vehicle for this kind of systemic oppression.


"This Brooklyn Artist Is Taking On The Media" by Alexandria Neason for The Village Voice - This artist is AMAZING. Bring a little light to your day with this political commentary on media, and the artist calling out the NYT and other large media outlets for the micro aggressions in print. 


"To The Cis Person Angrily Sharing News Of Trump's Transgender Military Ban" by Angela Dumlao for Medium - This piece will check your privilege in light of 45's military ban and workplace discrimination allowance based on sexual orientation. Please read it, and then evaluate if your support actually helps or hinders the trans community. 


"Chelsea Manning: President Trump, Trans People In The Military Are Here To Stay" by Chelsea Manning for The New York Times - Thoughts from Chelsea Manning, a trans woman who actively served in the army under "don't ask, don't tell" and came out as trans after working as an analyst for the army. She reflects on what this unprofessional ban means for trans people, even outside of the military, and how we as a society can move forward. 



As always, you can read my other recommending readings here


And if you didn't know, the fourth issue of Pink Things in print is exclusively for member of the LBGTQ+ community to share their voices. The deadline is being extended to September 1 to accommodate more people <3