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So this week started out a little sexual (in published articles!), and then I sprained my neck and pinched a nerve (I turned around to look at my dog. Apparently I did it wrong.) so I was out for two days of reading, but I promise there's some really good words in here. It's actually one of my favorite week's of reading as of late, and it's all thanks to the long ass think pieces that really grabbed me by the ovaries and held my attention and emotions hostage while I read them. Included are a long ass but CRUCIAL piece about climate change, domestic abuse in relation to Sylvia Plath and not listening to women, and several pieces on and by amazing, inspiring, Black women who are coming to save the world (I'm looking at you Lena Waithe). Read and enjoy these ten selections I have for you this week. Also, if you have a minute, I really recommend reading the interview I conducted with Catherina Horan of the Rad Women Book Club. She's super amazing and I promise you won't regret it. 

xo Sarah

"Anal Sex: What You Need To Know" by Gigi Engle for Teen VogueThis article is a great beginners guide to experimenting with anal for anyone and everyone, no matter who you're sleeping with, or if you're going solo. It just has some facts and suggestions for when you're ready to try it and puts an emphasis on communication. 

"Our Nails Will Shine Forever: A History Of Acrylics And Appropriation" by Brooklyn White for Bitch MediaThis. Is. Important. In the midst of the Kardashian uproar over Black culture appropriation and popularizing historically Black trends, this article illuminates the history of acrylic nails and how donning them can be appropriation. This is something I have never even thought about while getting stiletto nails in the past, but something I will continue to think about while getting manicures in the future. Gah! It's important to educate yourselves, and this is a great read on Black beauty. 


"Why Trans Activists Can't Trust The Left" by Sam Riedel for The EstablishmentThis essay perfectly illustrates the false ally-hood that many on the left take when supporting the LBGTQ community, especially when it comes to trans and gender non-conforming people. I pride myself on being an ally, and have never backed down from standing up for trans rights. Like it's stated in the article, cis support is crucial, but if you can't answer yes to this question, "Am I truly ready to put in the work for trans justice?" then you are a part of the problem. 


"All The Ways Donald Trump Broke His Promises To LBGTQ People" by Leigh Cuen for Teen VogueI don't really have words for how heartbreaking this is. We need a new administration that values and protects all people, and we need it now. 


"Why Are We So Unwilling To Take Sylvia Plath At Her Word?" by Emily Van Duyne for Lit Hub As a long time Sylvia Plath lover myself, it still astounds me that anything that comes forward confirming what she, herself, wrote is a surprise. She literally wrote about abuse. We don't just make this shit up! And the fact that her abusive husband was celebrated long after her and his deaths is atrocious and disrespectful to her memory and work. This piece calls out all the wrongs committed against the poet in relation to today's abuse culture. 


"The Pleasure Dome: The Highs, Lows, And Blows Of Casual Sex" by adrienne maree brown for Bitch Media This roundtable on casual sex was enlightening and empowering. My biggest take-away? Learn when and how to say no. (Right when you feel uncomfortable, by leaving). 


"How Dressing In Drag Helps This Artist Feel Closer To Their Dead Mother" by Lexie Bean for Teen VogueThis piece was a really moving tale by a drag performer and artist, David, about their life and relationship with their mother who battled alcoholism. After her death, David donned her clothes and make up, and has been keeping her memory alive ever since. 


"Unfit For The Altar: Black Women Make Their Own Marital Rules" by Tamara Winfrey Harris for Bitch Media - This is probably my favorite column on the internet. Tamara Winfrey Harris is a beautiful writer with knowledge on a slew of topics all relating to Black womanhood. This piece comments on the fucked up nature of patriarchal marriages and points out how not all marriages have to be shitty. By defining their own happiness and finding partners who value the same things and aren't intimidated by strong Black women, Black women can change the thought processes surrounding their marriages and their value as people (hint: not being married does not lower their worth). This op-ed once again proves how important Black women are when shaping culture. 


"The Uninhabitable Earth" by David Wallace-Wells for New York MagazineThis article will shake you to your core. Clocking in at about an hour-long read, this fact-filled article begins with the phrase, "It is, I promise, worse than you think." Illustrating the immense tragedy that we have brought upon ourselves with global warming (it's not up for debate. it's real.), Wallace-Wells draws upon recorded experiments, observations, and worldly catastrophes as examples of our warming planet. He also proceeds to exclaim how much shit we are in if we don't figure out how to reverse the effects that we started within the next century. Finally, Wallace-Wells keeps you on your toes with a lot of fart and flatulence mentions. It was amazing. 


"Lena Waithe Is What The Future Of Hollywood Looks Like" by Tomi Obaro for Buzzfeed THIS PIECE. Lena Waithe is the best, and I seriously can't wait for her rise to stardom. She's on the cusp of widespread fame, and I am so excited to see the changes she will ultimately bring to Hollywood. Honestly, she's brilliant in everything she does, from acting to writing to directing and producing. This is a great fun read about Lena Waithe, the dopest chick around. 


That's all for this week! As always, you can read previous recommended readings here