Related Articles: January 6, 2018


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Okay, don't be mad. I know I was supposed to post a "Related Articles" on the 29th, but I just couldn't bring myself to. I was on vacay, and hadn't read any articles to send anyway. But I'm back! And one of my new year goals (I don't make resolutions) is to never miss a newsletter unless I'm on vacation again or end up in the hospital or something. 

So my new year started off like shit. I lost my phone and wallet, had a small breakdown about it, filed a police report about it, and had them both returned to me this week after cancelling my cards. I'm laughing about it now, but it wasn't a fun way to start 2018, and it's entirely my fault. *sigh* Since I've been low on metrocard funds and the ability to afford to have fun, I've had a lot of time to read. I wish I had a longer list after such a long holiday, but I mostly just enjoyed time with family and my dog. Oh! And I got MoviePass!

I hope your start to 2018 was better than mine. I'm still feeling the chill from the winter hurricane that just worked its way up the east coast and plan on snuggling up all weekend. 

Also, if you know anyone looking for an apartment, I have a room that just opened up in my Bushwick place for just $800 a month <3

So here are some of the best articles I read the first week of the year! There are some funnies, like the joys of period sex and a femininity satire piece from The New Yorker, an "expose" on VICE (but let's be real, we already knew VICE was full is shitheads), and some serious self-care vibes for the new year. Enjoy <3

Until next week! 

xx Sarah

"The Year That Skin Care Became A Coping Mechanism" by Jia Tolentino for The New Yorker - What an amazing piece on skin care culture in a politically charged social climate!! Starting 2018 off right with a resolution to keep up my self-care by skin care and taking my meds and brushing my teeth every night without fail. Loved reading this.


"Millennial Pink Holiday Gifts Everyone Will Love" by Kristina Caracciolo for Teen Vogue - Just a bit of fun this holiday season because I love you <3


"'New Year. New You' and Breaking Down the Myth of Personal Reinvention" by Jerico Mandybur for Girlboss - I feel this piece (also, I just really love Jerico). I almost never make resolutions because I don't think there's anything wrong with myself in the first place. I do, however, make goals. They're different, look it up, or just read this article.


"At Vice, Cutting-Edge Media and Allegations of Old-School Sexual Harassment" by Emily Steel for The New York Times - OOOOOOHHH. This is a goodie. We've all known (at least those of us in the media industry) that VICE is a misogynistic boys club. It's been that way for years. Personally, I don't think this piece brought anything new to light, but it's still an important reminder that sexual harassment is at the core of every industry in the world today.


"Powerful Hollywood Women Unveil Anti-Harassment Action Plan" by Cara Buckley for The New York Times - Women of Hollywood and of platforms unite! This is just a posi feel good update on what's happening in Hollywood. I'm personally really excited to check out all of the outfits from the Golden Globes tomorrow!!


"It's Bloody Fantastic: Find a Lover Who Loves Period Sex" by adrienne maree brown for Bitch Media - I was laughing all the way through this article, and mostly because it's so true. adreinne's writing about sexuality and taboo topics is always great, but this piece is a new high. And in case you were wondering, I'm a total advocate for period sex. I agree with adreinne 100%.


"Examples of Toxic Femininity in the Workplace" by Ginny Hogan for The New Yorker - This satire peace has me crying. It's so funny, and so sad, because, like, who knows, it could happen.


"Gretchen Carlson Can’t Fix the Miss America Pageant No one can." by Rhonda Garelick for The Cut - I've always felt conflicted about beauty pageants. I love watching the Miss Universe contestants (does that make me a bad feminist?) with my sister and mom, same with Miss USA, but the Miss America pageant is different, and Rhonda is great at outlining that in this piece for The Cut. I agree that pageants are going to die, and that Miss America is a particularly nasty one. Idk. I don't know where to go from here.


"Why Makeup Matters to Women in Prison" by Marlen Komar for Racked - This is a great read, not only on the importance of makeup, but as a reflection on society and the insane prison system we have. Prisons aren't meant to punish, they're meant to rehabilitate. But they punish, pushing inmates further into the system. Also, most prisons and prison rules were designed for men and don't work well for women. It's just all sorts of fucked up.


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