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Welcome to week two of 2018! How's it going for you? It is decidedly better for me. I have my shit a little more together and I'm feeling positive. I got my hairs cut this week into a swaggy new do — meaning I feel like a real person and I feel like me. Baby bangs baby! I also found a new roommate, and we stayed up last night just talking and hanging out. It was fun!

So this week I read a lot of political stuff, and I'm coming to this crossroad where people want my recommendations on what to read, but not all of it is pink-related. So tell me. Do you just want a recommended reading, not necessarily pink-related? Or should I keep the newsletter of recommended reads a slightly expanded version of what we have here? Or should I just keep it real (read: pink)? Let me know! 

Enjoy this week's seven pieces. Serena William's profile in Vogue is to die for, and The Cut's piece on the Men's Media List is brave as hell. Also, the first one down there is a lovely piece about queer love and life. 

Until next week! 

xx Sarah


"I'm Not Ready to Leave Queer Never-Never Land" by Tori Truscheit for Buzzfeed - Awh this piece was so sweet and so eye opening for so many reasons on so many levels. I HIGHLY recommend this piece if you want some insight into how it might feel to be queer and growing a family. Or even if you just want some feel good, good writing, this is great.


"It's Time to Embrace Feminism's Anger" by Andi Zeisler for Bitch Media This post from last year took me forever to read for some stupid reason, but I encourage you to get to it faster than I did now that you're aware of it. In response to Webster's word of 2017, Feminism, Andi Zeisler expanded on what the implications of that word being put into action are. 


"The Golden Globes Black-Dress Protest Won't Make a Difference Where it Matters" by Ella Ceron for Teen Vogue - What an amazingly eloquent piece by Ella Ceron of Teen Vogue. My sister brought to my attention that the black-dress protest wasn't really doing anything besides visually uniting people — that to really make a difference the women shouldn't show up to the award shows at all. Ella makes the same point here, backed up with passionate reasoning and flawless emotional logic regarding sexual harassment and the entertainment industry. 


"Addicted to Shame" by Erica Garza for The Cut - Wow. What an emotional piece. This essay on shame and sex is personal and thought provoking — ending with facts about porn and how it affects women as we grow up. Shame is an interesting thing, especially when it comes to sex, sex work, or sexuality. The effects of porn and shame around sex came to define this woman's relationship with herself.


"I Started the Media Men List My name is Moira Donegan." by Moira Donegan for The Cut - As someone who works in the publishing industry, it was really disheartening to hear more about the creation and distribution of this list than about the abusers and harassers on it. This amazing "coming out" by Moira is not only brave, but potentially dangerous. In order to protect herself and her name, she outed herself on her terms, and she is making sure that everyone who contributed to that list knows how thankful she is for them. It's been an alarming awakening about the men that we work with, and hopefully this will inspire more change. 


"Serena Williams on Motherhood, Marriage, and Making Her Comeback" by Rob Haskell for Vogue -  SERENA!!!!!!! What an inspiring woman. As if the number of victories she has weren't enough, she almost fucking died of childbirth complications, AND SHE'S ALREADY PRACTICING AGAIN! I just love her, and the tidbits in this feature where Alexis chimes in. They're so cute. #goals.


"The Magic Skin of Glossier's Emily Weiss" by Amy Larocca for The Cut For all you Glossier lovers out there, myself included, this is a really fun and insightful profile on the brand's founder. Plus, the photos are amazing!


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