Recommended Reads: February 25, 2018



Okay, so it's Sunday night and this is late. I've been really sick these last few days and really busy with my new job these past two weeks! I'm catching up now and working on some self-care via routine. 

I think that routines are really important. They're something I try to keep, but my usual routine has been disrupted by some major life changes. I've been struggling to establish new ones, to keep up with my freelance and side hustle (AKA Pink Things) work. As a result, I feel terrible for not accomplishing everything that I've meant to these past two weeks. I come home, or leave work, and I'm so excited and unmotivated that I go out with friends or come home and watch Netflix. And I hate that I feel guilty for doing those things, and I hate that I do those things and then don't accomplish everything I want to. It's just going to take some rebalancing, and perhaps a reread of Twyla Tharp's The Creative Habit. If you have any experience successfully establishing new routines for yourself, I'd appreciate your insight!

Anyway, this week's reads contain some awesome and light reads on love, tech, and sexuality. Enjoy! 

xx Sarah

"Sex on the Spectrum" by Madeleine Ryan for Lenny Letter - This piece opens your eyes to the struggles and triumphs of sex on the spectrum. Madeleine opens up about her personal experiences, hoping to share and raise awareness of how sex can be and feel for others. The drive for personal pleasure is important, and Madeleine places and emphasis on it in her sex life. 


"The Rise of the Social Media Fembot" by Amanda Hess for The New York Times - THIS IS SO COOL. And by cool, I mean it's an awesome cultural phenomenon to watch take shape. It's brilliant, and also a commentary on social (read: white) beauty standards online. I've been really into the digital fembot movement, and think it could ultimately translate into feminist action sometime in the future. For now, it's great to read about. 


"Sorry, I'm a Mammal: A History of Women & Body Hair" by Shaina Joy Machlus for Got A Girl Crush - What a hugely fun article on the history of women and hair removal!! The images accompanying the writing are just as fun (and almost unbelievable) as the critical historical view outlined here. I really recommend it, and then invite you to think about why you do or don't shave (there's nothing wrong with either).


"Be Mine: 15 Valentine's Day Poems by Queer People of Color" by Sabrina Nelson for Bitch Media - A sweet lovely bit because I love you.


"6 Feminists Take On Call-Out Culture" by Lauren Duca for Teen Vogue - This is such an important roundtable! I would have loved to have been there. Reading what all of these amazing feminists have to say about feminist culture was definitely a joy to read, and (at least in this edited version) it was such a civilized conversation. There was no arguing, there was respect of opinions. That's what we all need. Not everyone learns feminism at the same pace. 


"The Arrival of Timothée Chalamet" by Daniel Riley for GQ - This isn't really pink-related, but I hugely enjoyed this profile of the AMAZING actor Timothée Chalamet. He stars in Call Me By Your Name (the most beautiful film I have ever seen) and is just an all around cool guy. 


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