Recommended Reads: March 31, 2018



Happy Saturday kittens!

My mother is visiting from out of town, so I got up early enough to finish off this piece and express how much I love you. We've been galavanting all around NYC! The purest form of joy comes from my mother experiencing new things. It's intoxicating, if not a little annoying sometimes. But I'm so happy she's here! 

I've read a lot in these last two weeks, so we have 13 recommended reads! A couple on this history of this or that, a couple on fashion choices, a few on abusers, an interview with Cynthia Nixon, and more. I also have just finished reading Call Me By Your Name, which is just as amazing as the movie, if not more so. 

Enjoy! And call your mom to say I love you.

xx Sarah


"Stop Asking Whether Women 'Love Themselves Enough' to Leave Their Abusers" excerpted from Eloquent Rage: A Black Feminist Discovers Her Superpower by Brittney Cooper - "But patriarchy is nothing, if not the structurally induced hatred of women." That phrase really struck me. I encourage you to read the rest, and I plan on purchasing the book. 



"The little-known story of the men who fought for women’s votes" by Brooke Kroeger for Timeline - This was a cool history lesson on the role that 89 men played in getting women the right to vote over 40 years. I enjoyed reading about their roles, and how even with their good intentions, women had to do the heavy lifting as well as the minute details. 


"What If Girls Knew They Were Allowed to Be Angry?" by Mara Wilson for ELLE - Something that really stood out to me about this piece is the following quote: "You’re a girl, and you’re angry? You’re not alone." I've been an emotional person for a very long time, and I often try to subdue my anger. Not anymore! I live wild and free and angry, and you know what? It feels great! There are angry women everywhere and we're finally showing the world who we are and what we can do. Should they be afraid? Probably.


"The Raiment of Resistance" by Elaine Weiss for Lenny Letter - This is a really cool piece on the fashion choices of the Suffragettes and their direct consequences. It analyzes their choices and the impact it had on getting women's right to vote. 


"What Would a World Designed by Women Look Like?" by Justin Davidson for The Cut - This is insightful and full of facts about the march towards equality in the field of architecture. It's made me reflect on how the things that frustrate me most about flying, going to work, etc, are designed by men for men, without taking into consideration the needs of women. Sigh.


"The Photographer Who Makes Her Mother an Object of Desire" by Alexandra Schwartz for The New Yorker - This is a really cool photography project by Natalie Krick! She uses the female gaze to upset the notion of sexuality among older women, especially in fashion. 


"Letting Go" by Starina Catchatoorian for Lenny Letter - GHOSTING. Fuck it. 


"Cynthia Nixon: ‘I Have a Right to Be Here’" by Justine Harman for Glamour - MIRANDA IS RUNNING FOR GOVERNOR!! I mean, awesome actress aside, Cynthia Nixon has been an activist for LGBTQ rights for decades. Since launching her campaign, she has actively paid attention and listened to communities in need. I can't wait for voting time. I hope she wins.


"The History Lesson About Black Women That You Never Got" by Jenn M. Jackson for Teen Vogue In school we take history, but what many don't realize is that it's the history that is given to us. It is not all encompassing, it doesn't focus on anyone but white men, and leaves much to be desired. This piece is the first step in educating people on the many amazing black women who have contributed MAJORLY to society and activism.


"Michelle Obama Talks To R29 About The Power Of Girls' Education" by Refinery29 - I just really love Michelle Obama. That woman is the definition of grace. 


"Dear Fuck-Up: Can people change?" by Brandy Jensen for The Outline - I am yelling. LEAVE HIM. Read it and be outraged my friends. 


"The Fate of the Juicy Couture Tracksuit in the Age of Athleisure" by Rachel Syme for The New Yorker - Remember when athleisure used to be called health goth? That was after the Juicy tracksuit prime, but let me tell you, I've been dying to get my hands on one for months now. LOOK AT HOW CHIC AND IRONIC THEY ARE!! 


"The Joys Of The New Grown-Up Friend" by Kate Leaver for Vogue - Making new friends as a grown-up is hard — no one knows this better than me. But I have two grown-up friends in NYC that I cherish so much. There's a pure joy in finding someone who likes you for you upon meeting, regardless of your past or future. 


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