Looking Through Strange Eyes


"Looking Through Strange Eyes" is a photo story on declarations of self love. There are old-fashioned elements symbolic of a simpler time, where media and public opinion were not as prevalent in our daily lives and where social pressure to look and be a certain way was not a constant worry. She doesn't have a phone or a computer or any connections to the thousands of voices saying "be this", "look like this", "act like this". The model is in a private, centered space where she can be vulnerable and not influenced by what she is told she should be. Without the noise of society, she can get in touch with who she wants to be. She can learn to fall in love with the places that she's supposed to cover up. She can grow out all her hair and grow her heart to encompass all the parts of herself. This photo story brings the space of self love and vulnerability to the public's eye. I want to explore every aspect of who I am and not be afraid of internet or societal backlash. And to state that every person should be able to freely love who they are.



Abby Raffle is a photography student at UT Austin

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