Love Is Love


These works belong to my project " Love is Love", created to celebrate love and sensuality. I try to draw attention to love between men and between women and its sensuality by avoiding stereotypes. My same-sex lovers fully display their masculinity and femininity through body language. It's a minimalist project that focus on a determined body part, avoiding faces. These lovers like to be desired and so they play their cards to do it. 


This series was exhibited in the "Love is Love Exhibition" on Tenerife Island (Canary Islands, Spain) this June. Raquel Garcia is an English philologist, school teacher, and a curious, attracted by intimate scenes, photographer. Always restless and dreamy, she finds in photography the peephole through which she discovers others and herself. Raquel feels passion towards suggestive shapes, lights, shadows, and bodies that stimulate our senses and invite us to imagine the intimacy that we only let "our chosen" discover.

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