Joy Matashi: Black Girls Love Pink


Do me a favor. Go look at the @BlackGirlsLovePink Instagram account. Seriously, do it. I’ll wait.



It’s just a small project featuring Black models and celebrities styled in pink, but it sure does have an impact. I discovered this account while doing a pink hashtag search for inspiration and new content. And I immediately fell in love.

The BlackGirlsLovePink (BGLP) account is run by Joy Matashi, who has expertly curated and edited together a series of strong, beautiful, Black women featured in magazines and in online editorial content. Ultimately, BLGP is a resource for young Black girls to find inspiration and women like them. It provides a space for celebration of Black women’s bodies and fashion choices online. It combines two bold shades in an effort to boost visibility of colorfully dressed Black women, letting everyone know that they deserve to take up space and be seen.

I took some time to interview Joy after being so thrilled to find a space like that on Instagram. We had a short conversation, but it will leave you with a new respect for Black women draped in Pink.



So tell me about yourself! Who are you?

Hey, I’m Joy a 25 year old 4c Fulani beg Nigerian chick with a British accent and I run blackgirlslovepink Xx


When did you start the @blackgirlslovepink Instagram account? Why did you start it? What are you hoping to get out of it? What are you hoping others take away from it?

I started Black Girls Love Pink (BGLP) at a time when I felt black beauty was being underrepresented and limited to a few dated platforms. It’s for the millennial girl who wishes to see someone like her on the cover of a teen mag, who tries bright eyeshadow pallets in the “how to” section of her fave zine that end up not fitting her skin tone.


How do you choose your subjects? What do they represent?

The women I select are Black women from editorials styled in pink! I think it’s important that the images are fashion based.


The bio says, “Celebrating two bold shades.” I LOVE that. Can you talk to me about this? What was the inspiration behind the phrase?

As a young Black girl I was told I couldn't wear pink and subconsciously I felt two bold shades couldn't go together. When I was young I was so scared to wear it because of that one comment. As I got older, wiser, and surer of myself, I stopped caring and wore whatever I wished. The moment I wore pink I felt free.



So there you have it. Joy is bringing vision to Black women who wear pink to destigmatize the color among fashionable young women. Go give @blackgirlslovepink a follow and share it with your friends to bring more love and visibility to Black women everywhere <3



This interview was conducted via email and has been condensed and edited.

Images courtesy of @BlackGirlsLovePink.

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