Do You Like It?

Do you like it?


It's a shame that in this day and age beauty is still only skin deep.

How people with light skin are thought to be more attractive than those with darker tones.

It's a shame that the colour of your skin can still dictate your worth.

It's a shame that it ever could.

It's true, real, and relevant.

And I don't like it.


Ad campaigns show skinny white girls as if they are the only kind of beauty there is.

That we can only think sunsets are pretty, not sunrises or the phases in between.

It's the truth and I don't like it.


There is a lack of representation and a miscommunication between the corporations and us,

the people.

And to say the least, I don't like it.

We misrepresent society; white washed with heterosexuality and the narrow mindedness of our leader.

It's happening and I don’t like that.


We are better than this,

Better than the misogynistic bastard that calls himself great,

than the media who calls us ugly, fat and worthless.

I'm tired of the oppression of unconventional beauty.

Its cruel and unnecessary, close-minded and I don’t like that.


For there are all kinds of beautiful,

And beauty goes beyond race, sexuality, or gender.

It's time that we, the people, represent ourselves properly;

And I hope you like it.


Art and words by Rae Landriau

Rae Landriau