According to Girls: Seeking portraits for 'Propaganda' posters


Poster by Kristi Kruser


According To Girls is a starting-up think tank for girls and women in the sciences. Women have been excluded from the sciences for generations, and one scientist with a doctorate in quantum physics and artificial intelligence from Princeton is setting out to change that. She believes that women hold the answers to our unsolved scientific mysteries. So According To Girls is born. 

In it's earliest stages, According to Girls is currently seeking artist submissions for a poster series to be submitted for a grant from MIT. My good friend Kristi Kruser is heading up this project and seeks as many women and girl artists as possible to submit portraits for the project. 

Submission Guidelines: 

Submit a black and white portrait of a woman or girl (self-portraits preferred!). It can be in any form, from that of an illustration to a poem, collage, or drawing. They do not need to be elaborate, just a self-portrait!

Please send the portraits to Kristi in PDF form at by FRIDAY (April 28). 

This is an amazing opportunity to be a part of something before it even begins, to contribute to an increase of women in STEM related fields, and a step towards equality.


Example posters by Kristi Kruser