A Brief Guide to Modern Latina Artists

I love art history. But, unfortunately, we often only get taught about Western art history. So I took it upon myself to create a fun guide to Latin American artists from Modern art movements. It's a concept I've been thinking about for awhile since Frida Kahlo became a "trend" among many women, probably because of her aesthetic and feminist attitude. Because of her popularity, her work is largely misunderstood, I hate when people include her with Surrealists (who she rightfully called "Fucking sons of bitches") or talk about her from an anglo Western art perspective, which is the last thing many 20th century Latin American artists wanted to be depicted as (since in history, the Western art world often rejected Latino artists). There are so many awesome Latina artists during the 20th century, who to me, had not only fantastic work, but amazing lives and stories centered around activism and their cultures. Omg, can we talk about Ana Mendieta who was a badass feminist that got murdered by her husband? Or Leonara Carrington that was admitted to a mental hospital and based her work off witchy feminine characters to piss off her Surrealist counterparts? I figured I wasn't the only one interested in highlighting more women artists from history, especially women of color, so I'm glad to share little nuggets about mujeres that you didn't learn about in history class. Take a peek at the slide show below for more!

For more of Gabi's illustrations and about her Paraguayan heratige, check out chanchitariveros.com

Gabriela Riveros