This is an Important Week: A Letter from the Editor


This is it. It is happening. I’ve been wallowing in a pit of misery since November, quietly putting out content, submitting to art shows, staying angry, and educating myself on every issue that has come about since the election. But there are some positive things to focus on. That’s why I created Pink Things in the first place. And this week is no different. If anything, it’s going to be even more uplifting, overwhelmed with support from women, LBGTQ+, POC, and underrepresented people everywhere. Did you know that at the time this is being written (11:38 AM on Monday, January 16, 2017) there are over 7 million people around the world who are going to march with us? Talk about a revolution.

This week is a major one in United State’s history so I thought we would feature new work every day this week by strong femmes fighting for equality. We are publishing an interview with the organizer of the Milwaukee Riverwest FemFest on Wednesday! This event coincides with the Women’s March on Washington, and we interviewed those who started the Pussyhat Project in conjunction with that event. And more! There are several events happening this week in light of the inauguration of our dearest Trump (lol), so be sure to take a peek at those too on our events page.

I can’t personally be at the Women’s March on Washington this weekend, but you can bet your ass I’m going to march in Milwaukee at the Femme Solidarity March, and then talk and celebrate with amazing people afterword at the FemFest Makers Fair all weekend where Pink Things will be selling our zines and nipple stickers. I’m so excited to be surrounded by friends and family who support each other and each other’s beliefs. People who share the same values and are actively taking a stand to fight for our rights. And if you are going to the march, take some photos and share them with us so we can share them too!

No matter what happens, we have to stick together. I believe in our power to make a difference, and all of these events and artists show that too. Pink Things will be here, to give a voice to those who need to be heard, always.


xoxo Sarah

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Sarah Sickles