Free Those Boobies Girl!

Watercolor by Sarah Sickles

I’m sitting on a plane right now, self conscious about my breasts. I’m not wearing a bra because I caved and ate gluten when I’m gluten intolerant and now I’m bloated AF and it made my bra too tight and uncomfortable to wear while traveling so I took it off and here we are. Why do I feel this way? Boobs are normal, natural, and they typically bounce and swing when a woman (or man) walks. Why are we still staring when a woman doesn’t have perfectly still, rounded, perky breasts disguised beneath layers of padding and shirts?

Watercolor by Sarah Sickles

Freeing the nipple and bralettes, which offer less support to bigger breasted gals, are now becoming mainstream and women are becoming more vocal about hating bras. So why do free-flowing boobies make other people uncomfortable? Why am I uncomfortable letting them be free when it’s physically more comfortable to let them hang on a flight? It’s ridiculous.

What’s really important is how I feel and I feel silly for even feeling self-conscious in the first place. I just needed to write this to feel more confident in letting these titties fly. Sometimes that’s all it takes. 

xoxo Sarah Sickles