Jeff Kinkade Flows Through Mediums

Jeff Kinkade is a multi talented artist breaking the mold. As artists are pressured into one medium or genre, Kinkade smashes the rules and defies his own mental blocks through artwork who's medium is questionable, undefined, or unique. By using everyday objects and referencing pop culture, Kinkade makes us laugh and enjoy art in a manner altogether different from an artist like Rembrandt. Read on to hear from the artist himself. 

My pieces reflect upon the imaginary, frames, and boundaries we often place on ourselves. I was tend to flux and flow between multiple mediums when the world is trying to confine the artist and the artwork into a mold or a standard. Are they paintings? Are they sculptures? Or are they photographs?
We are all constantly in flux. Our tastes continually eclectic and evolving. Yet we feel enormous pressure from society to maintain a specific frame of reference. This pressure exists both personally and artistically. By breaking the frame, exploring different mediums, and questioning a finished piece, I am stopping medium specificity in both my work and my mind. Furthermore, I can feel myself, as a person, push myself past these imaginary boundaries created in my mind in who I was allowed to be and what I can make as I make more and more pieces. 
The materials reference our everyday world. Drawing from kitsch, fashion, and design, I elevate and recontextualize these everyday images into fine art objects. Use of materials we see everyday adds a sense of humor and irony that conflicts with the preciousness that is constantly present in many artworks. After all, we shouldn't take art too seriously.