The Women's March as Seen by You


Here we are, a week into the new presidency, feeling crushed and unheard, as we all predicted. They said to give him a chance, and by day two I was already done with that. His first 10 executive actions literally ignored every protest from the last two years. He is threatening to defund the arts (the NEA is already only .012% of the national budget), has violated the 1st amendment by putting a gag order on the EPA and NPS, and ordered the inherent death of women across the globe by defunding women's health programs around the world that provide information on and perform abortions. He did all of this while also placing a ban on immigrants (even Syrian refugee children, I mean, come on) from specific Muslim populated countries, and officially ordered the construction of the new wall (that Mexico has repeatedly said they will not pay for). Not to mention after months of protest and a minor victory on behalf of the Native American community, our president (#notmypresident) ordered that the construction on the NDAPL and Keystone Pipelines be completed. *BIG SIGH* 

BUT let's not let this get us down! Let it light a fire in our hearts and show us the way to defeating oppression and exclusionary policy. The day after he was elected, MILLIONS of women across the world, including in India, Africa, and South America though they were not widely reported on, made a collective statement saying we WILL NOT BE IGNORED. Even though there has been controversy surrounding the march and the Pussyhats, I truly believe it was inspiring to see women and femmes and feminists from all walks of life coming together to march for a common goal. Equality. Equality for LBGTQA+, for Muslims, for POC, for Women everywhere. There were issues people marched for, like healthcare, the environment, and general kindness towards underrepresented people. It was a truly inspiring event, the largest march in a single day in history, and it brought tears to my eyes throughout the day. The amount of love across the country gave me a new hope and brought a renewed passion to Pink Things. 

So today, exactly one week after the new president was sworn in, I am posting YOUR images and memories from the Women's March! Pink Things will continue to bring joy and hope and equality to our readers and viewers, no matter what. That's what Pink Things does. So today, celebrate your victory and relive those moments from last Saturday. Here are your images from the marches. And I truly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for standing with us. 


Photos by Olivia Olsen on 35 mm film


Photo by Alexandra Kaul


Photos by Daniela Velasco


Photos by Meg Oliver


Photo by Raeghn Draper