Photography by Lucie Blissett





'Self Portraits of My Gendered Objects,' is a series developed during writing my dissertation this year. The photographs are examining my own material culture. The belongings I own display my female gender through colour, texture, and the relation it has to society's expectations of gender roles. The color pink represents the feminine. Each photograph shows my own objects taken from my home and placed in a studio environment. The investigation is to question how femininity is seen in our contemporary society and how it still hasn't changed. 





'Invisible Pain' is a body of work that explores the unseen agony that 1 in 10 women suffer with in the UK. Both my sister and cousin have Endometriosis, and my work demonstrates the unbearable pain they go though, making for a complicated lifestyle. Endometriosis is a condition where tissue, like the lining of the womb, is found outside of the uterus in places like the ovaries, the bowel, and/or bladder. To create these photographs, I asked my sister and cousin to manipulate the pink paper reflecting the pain the endure through this condition. They ripped, screwed, cut, and stuck a knife into the paper to crate these sculptures. The quotes underneath the images are taken from a diary my mum kept in the three years my sister struggled to handle her condition. 


Lucie Blissett is a Leeds-based photographer.