G-Book: Ruby's Painting


G-Book, since 2017, aims to record diversity of women. I hope to break the impression of women established by society to enhance the value and status of women. By filming what women can do, their abilities, and life stories, proves the concept of "women are talentless and moral," from the Chinese proverb, no longer true.

The first time I met Ruby was on the Internet. I was attracted by her talented painting and strong confidence, like, "I really love myself, I don't need anyone to tell I am beautiful, I just know it." She invited me to the exhibition, Ruby and Rachel's, at Taipei which was the first time Ruby modeled for me.

Here, I share with you the third time we had fun together. We picked one of her paintings and made it real. We set up a room just like her painting and showed people what she can do, but not only what she looks like.

Text lightly edited for clairity. All photos by Chang Yu Hsuan.

Chang Yu Hsuan is a self-taught photpgrapher based in Taiwan. Most of their projects focus on topics of femininity, using the camera as a tool to record truth.

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