Badlands pictures a trip I took to Bardenas Reales, in northern Spain. Bardenas Reales, a pseudo-steppe landscape sculpted over millions of years due to erosion, is a semi-desert landscape covering 42.500 hectares in south-east Navarre, near Tudela. 

During the expedition; I spent hours walking along the ground and contemplating the beauty of the landscape. I was impressed by the immensity of the scenery, characterized by its semi-desert views — very unusual for the region and in sharp contrast to the lush, green landscapes of northern Navarre. I was fascinated by the different shapes and forms that were created on the ground and mountains as the hours passed; and also by the different tones and contrasts between the color of the ground and the sky. That was what mesmerized me. I found beauty in one of the most unexpected locations. I was deeply enchanted by that, and in this context 'Badlands' was created.



Griselda Duch is a photographer based in Barcelona, Spain.

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